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    Poltergeist: Not a Travesty; Not Scary, EitherThe new Poltergeist is not the raging hellfire of sacrilege many of us feared it might be, but, well …
  2. The World Needs Another ‘Poltergeist,’ by Brandon HartleyMr. President, esteemed members of Congress and the American armed forces, I thank you for joining me here in the War Room of the National […]
  3. trailer mix
    The Trailer for the New Poltergeist Reboot Is HeeeeeeeeeeeereStarring Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt.
  4. movies
    Poltergeist Remake Looks to Add Sam RockwellHe would join Rosemarie DeWitt.
  5. casting couch
    Rosemarie DeWitt to Star in New Poltergeist FilmYour sister’s sister’s poltergeist.
  6. halloween
    Vulture Asks: What Is Your Scariest Movie Moment?Ahhhhh!!! What was that? Oh, it was just us watching some our favorite/least favorite scary scenes.
  7. exclusive
    MGM Wants David Lindsay-Abaire to Write a Poltergeist RemakeThis and other projects indicate that the resuscitated studio might actually be making some interesting choices.
  8. the industry
    Brett Ratner Wants to Make a Guitar Hero MoviePlus: They’ve found the perfect director for ‘Voltron’! It’s some dude who directed ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’!
  9. the industry
    Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro Hire Each Other to Write ‘The Hobbit’Plus: Yet another bastard joins ‘Inglorious Bastards,’ and James McAvoy to play a CGI gnome in most horrible movie ever.
  10. vulture lists
    10 Movie Vaginas Scarier Than the One in TeethOrson Welles! Sharon Stone! Shelob!