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  1. a long talk
    Chuck Klosterman Lived Through ThisIn his book The Nineties, he tried to write about the decade as it felt at the time — at least to some people.
  2. sdcc
    San Diego Comic-Con ‘Special Edition’ to Happen in Person Thanksgiving WeekendThis will be the first live, in-person Comic-Con event since 2019.
  3. timelines
    How to Exit the Friendzone, According to Shawn Mendes and Camila CabelloOn the eve of Cabello’s Romance — in which she’ll probably narrate their one true love story — let us recap.
  4. roundtables
    How Do We Talk About Race and Pop Culture Without Going Insane?A panel of critics discuss Wesley Morris’s New York Times essay and some of the biggest anxieties plaguing criticism today.
  5. vulture guides
    These Are the Drugs Influencing Pop Culture NowFrom Xanax to Adderall, there’s a medicine cabinet’s worth of intoxicants that are influencing, inspiring, and, in some cases, destroying artists.
  6. 2017, the Year Pop Culture’s Darkest Thought Experiments Came to Life“What if someone wildly underqualified got elected president?” “Is it possible to separate the art from the artist?”
  7. vulture lists
    Every Major Pop-Culture Reference in Stranger Things 2, From A to ZFrom Alien to Ghostbusters to The Warriors.
  8. behind the scenes
    The (Presumably) True Story Behind Martin Shkreli and That Wu-Tang AlbumCyrus Bozorgmehr’s new book, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, purports to tell the untold tale of the whole strange episode.
  9. pop culture
    How to Take Back the Counterculture During the Trump EraThe Obama years were too soft anyway.
  10. vulture cover story
    The 70 Greatest Conspiracy Theories in Pop-Culture HistoryFrom “Paul is dead” to “Stevie Wonder isn’t blind,” with a lot of Illuminati in between.
  11. What About The Children?!?!, Or Who Cares If Our Kids Understand The […]On Tuesday, Salon writier Matt Zoller Seitz wondered whether pop culture references are ruining TV shows like The Simpsons and Community for […]
  12. music
    See the Powderpuff Male Cheerleaders’ Epic Pop-Culture-Medley DanceSix minutes of delight.
  13. art
    See the Twisted, Technicolor Pop-Culture Paintings of Dave MacDowellThey’re stingingly, almost psychedelically colorful.
  14. pop culture
    A Few Thoughts on the Scene in Jennifer’s Body That Plays Two Recent American Tragedies for LaughsReferences to 9/11 and the Great White club fire in one scene? Edgy!
  15. talking heads
    VH1 Already Kicking Dirt on the Freshly Dug Grave of Paul F. TompkinsThe network is launching a new pop-culture show called ‘The Great Debate.’