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  1. new music friday
    Get In, Girls, ‘Breakaway’ (Avril Lavigne’s Version) Is OnLavigne originally wrote the Kelly Clarkson hit for her own debut, Let Go.
  2. my single is dropping
    Machine Gun Kelly Links With “Emo Girl” WillowThe pop-punk revival has reached self-awareness with the new track.
  3. the festival circuit
    When We Were Young Doubles the Nostalgia With a Second DayBut … it’s already sold out, too.
  4. year in culture 2021
    2021 Killed the Myth That Rock Ever DiedThe genre wasn’t just resuscitated — it was up and walking around, no signs of atrophy.
  5. my single is dropping
    Avril Lavigne Is Back in Her Pop-Punk Era on New Single ‘Bite Me’If you’ve been wishing she were here — as in the current music scene — you’re in luck.
  6. music
    All Time Low Denies Allegations of Sexually Abusing Underage FansThe supporting acts for All Time Low’s current tour canceled their remaining dates.
  7. videology
    Willow and Avril Lavigne Are Pop-Punk Giants in the ‘G R O W’ VideoWith an appearance from fellow young punk KennyHoopla.
  8. music videos
    Olivia Rodrigo Filters Out the Noise in the ‘Brutal’ VideoDirected by Petra Collins, sponsored by Apple.
  9. tiny desk
    Young Thug Goes Punk in Tiny Desk With Travis BarkerPromoting his new album Punk, out October 15.
  10. the inside track
    Pop-Punk Is a Tool for Self-Acceptance on WILLOW and Avril Lavigne’s ‘G R O W’In many ways, it’s the song encapsulation of WILLOW’s work at the red table.
  11. quar amor
    Machine Gun Kelly Had a Megan Fox Poster in His Teenage BedroomAnd reportedly once told a classmate he would marry the movie star.
  12. my album is dropping
    Willow Sets July 16 for Her Pop-Punk TakeoverLately I Feel Everything features Travis Barker and Avril Lavigne.
  13. summer 2021
    Dreaming Up a 2021 Warped Tour LineupPresenting: Varped Tour ’21, a tribute to our pop-punk renaissance.
  14. rip warped tour
    MGK’s ‘love race’ Video Features Kellin Quinn, Travis Barker, and a MurdererThose punks are always up to no good.
  15. superlatives
    Billie Joe Armstrong on the Best and Most Misunderstood of Green Day“To say you’re a pop-punker … it never sat well with me.”
  16. rip warped tour
    Machine Gun Kelly Releases His Pop-Punk Opus Tickets to My DownfallThis guy just dropped the year’s best Warped-Tour-core album.
  17. get a room
    Watch All Time Low Do Karaoke of Their Own SongThe pop-punkers mostly remember the lyrics.