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  1. movies
    When Pop Stars Attempt Movie Stardom: Gaga, Cher, and Other Film Debuts, RankedSome singers have met with more success in their grand reintroduction to the public than others.
  2. ariana grande
    Ariana Grande Dropped 2 Previously Unreleased Songs on SoundCloud, Listen HereFor your Song of the Summer consideration.
  3. past lives
    Do People Realize That Brie Larson Was a Pop Star?She dropped an album, Finally Out of P.E., in 2005.
  4. summer guide 2013
    Why Pop Stars Rule the World and Movie Stars Hardly MatterToday’s pop may be largely prefab, but it moves at the speed of digital.
  5. music
    See a Video Slideshow of Pop Stars Before They Were FamousFeaturing Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Ke$ha, Justin Bieber, and more.