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    Yule Log Better in High-DefWhich Yule Log DVD to rent this year? Modernist? Porny?
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    ‘Californication’ Co-Opts TwitterThe cable network copies a few ingenious ‘Mad Men’ fans for its own viral-marketing needs.
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    ‘Mad Men’ Twitter Wars End PeacefullyAMC suspends, then reinstates, Don Draper’s and Peggy Olson’s Twitter accounts.
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    Lego Miniman Turns 30; Childhood Officially DeadThe iconic Lego toy is aging, but a sexed-up wardrobe signals youthful vigor.
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    Are You a Serial Killer? ‘Dexter’ Promotional Website Offers Customized DiagnosisThis is how likely we are to snap and murder Lane.
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    Quiz: Which ‘Tropic Thunder’ Bobblehead Is Which?To promote the movie, Paramount mailed out bobbleheads featuring the likenesses of the film’s actors — at least we think that’s who they’re are.
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    Breaking Culture News: Jackie Chan Museum Set to Open in ShanghaiDon’t miss the Balsa Wood Ladder Room!
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    Is Kanye West’s New Viral Campaign Too Viral for Its Own Good?New ads on the New York subway are basically ads for Kanye West, not for the liquor he’s supposedly endorsing.
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    You Know What Else Was Great About ‘Wall-E’? The Viral MarketingVulture revisits the awesome Pixar-created corporate Website for the Buy n Large corporation.
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    Guerrilla Marketing the Only Funny Thing About ‘The Love Guru’The movie’s new guerrilla-marketing campaign almost makes us want to see it!
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    Forget ‘Speed Racer’: The Sport of the Future Is TypeRacingThe future of competitive racing isn’t in driving electric Kool-Aid acid cars around a track. It’s typing.
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    Why Reviews for ‘The Wackness’ Might Be Mad Wack, YoVerb, variant of ill. Doing things that can get you in trouble, i.e. vandalism, doing drugs, etc.”
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    Vanessa Parise Is the World’s Noblest FilmmakerA director writes her own plot summary on Apple.com’s trailers page, with unintentionally hilarious results.
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    We Want These ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Propaganda PostersWith Battlestar Galactica returning in just a week, we’re getting plenty excited for some good TV for a change.
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    Vote ‘No’ on Gene Simmons’s Campaign for Slutmaster GeneralGene Simmons claims he has slept with 4,800 women. We vote no.
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    Thanks to the Smoking Gun, You Can Finally Wear Shia LaBeouf on Your ForeheadOr Senator Larry Craig … wherever.
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    ‘The Dark Knight’ Alternate-Reality Game: Really, Warner Bros., Must We Indulge in This Charade?Down the rabbit hole!
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    Chris Ware’s ‘Savages’ Poster Is GorgeousAn elegant poster gets us interested in a movie, for a change.
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    The Modern Man’s Dilemma: Which Led Zeppelin Ringtone to Choose?“Kashmir”? “Communication Breakdown”? The Song That Really Should Not Be Named?
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    Archie’s Unfunny Attempt to Save the Music Industry83-year old high-school student Archie Andrews is rapping to the kids about music piracy.
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    Spider-Man: Your Source for Straight Talk About Unwanted PregnancySpider-Man meets Planned Parenthood in this seventies classic.
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    Number Five Is Alive … And Can Be Yours (For $100,000)Surely the finest movie ever made featuring a wisecracking robot and Fisher Stevens in South Asian makeup, Short Circuit holds a special place in our adolescent moviegoing memory.
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    It Turns Out There Are More ‘Harry Potter’ Books, Thanks to Asian Copyright InfringersA publishing success story from a Surrealist alternate universe.
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    ‘Simpsonize Me’ Fails to Meet Usual High Standards for ‘Simpsons’ Online CrapIn New York’s continuing efforts to let you know about every arm of the ever-metastasizing Simpsons-movie marketing campaign, we gave a test run this morning to Simpsonize Me, the new fast-food-chain-sponsored Website that allows you to transform an uploaded photograph into a Simpsonized version of yourself.
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    ‘Hairspray’ Offers a Penny for Our ThoughtsThe Penny Pingleton doll revealed in all her glory.
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    Cooking the BooksCan Bill Buford stand the heat, or should his book get out of the kitchen?
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    Fourteen Springfields Vie for Hollywood LucreFourteen towns of Springfield are competing to be named the “real-life Springfield,” each presenting a homemade short video in an effort to sell its town as the perfect place for a Simpsons movie premiere. We watched them all, from the totally amateurish to the slightly less amateurish, and can firmly state that a lot of Middle American town managers really, really like The Simpsons. Which of the shorts is worth your time? Who should win your vote?
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    Build Your Own ‘Simpsons’ Character!The spiffy Website for The Simpsons Movie just added a feature that allows you to create your own Simpsons character, complete with yellow skin, four-fingered hands, and dramatic overbite.
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    Lindsay Lohan Strips, We Sigh
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    Iraq, You Rock…
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    Publisher Struggles to Get Anyone to Notice Its Innovative Guerrilla Marketing
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    ‘American Idol’ Songwriter Finalists: Craptastic!