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Pope Francis

  1. profiles
    Things Are Going Great for Jonathan Pryce. Maybe Too GreatThe papal buddy comedy The Two Popes is earning Jonathan Pryce serious Oscar buzz. Is the other shoe about to drop?
  2. religion!
    Pope Francis Graced With Katy Perry’s PresenceAnd now for something completely different.
  3. the industry
    The High Sparrow on Game of Thrones Is Playing the Cool Pope in a MovieHe’ll star opposite Anthony Hopkins’s Pope Benedict XVI in Netflix’s The Pope.
  4. last night on late night
    Jimmy Kimmel Has Little Faith in Trump’s Relationship With Pope FrancisKimmel breaks down the face-to-face meeting.
  5. last night on late night
    Rita Ora Is Performing at the Vatican “I looked at the guest list and I just see P-O-P-E.”
  6. chat room
    GOT’s Jonathan Pryce on Resembling Pope Francis“My agent got a call from a film company saying they wanted to make the life story of Pope Francis, and they wanted to sign me up.”
  7. popestagram
    Pope Francis Has an Instagram Account NowOur Father which art in Heaven, Reblogged be thy name.
  8. the industry
    Pope Francis Is Shamelessly Hunting for an EGOTHe’ll play himself in the upcoming film Beyond the Sun.
  9. leo and the pope
    Leonardo DiCaprio Met With the PopeNever let go, Pope.
  10. reconciliation
    Mark Wahlberg Asked the Pope to Forgive Him for His Ted MoviesHe hopes God has a sense of humor, and so do we.
  11. new music
    Cool Pope Is Releasing an Album; Hear His Fire New SingleWake Up! will arrive November 27.
  12. the vatican
    Pope Invites Oprah, Damon, Geffen to VaticanFor a meeting about the Catholic Church’s portrayal in Hollywood.
  13. music
    Patti Smith Will Play for the Vatican This ChristmasJesus died for somebody’s sins, but not hers.
  14. ‘SNL’ Review: Louis C.K. Is Still Hilarious, In Case Anyone Was WonderingWhen Louis C.K. last hosted SNL in November 2012, there was magic in the air. A week after Superstorm Sandy walloped New York, with huge parts […]
  15. in production
    Get Ready for a Pope Francis BiopicThe Argentinian production was announced in Venice today.