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  1. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Trolling the CBS Censors Is Next-Level BrilliantIt’s art.
  2. vulture lists
    How Popular Would Ross and Rachel’s Sex Tape Have Been in Real Life?A porn director assesses the viability of that and ten other fictional sex tapes.
  3. beef
    Ron Jeremy vs. His GhostwriterIn a battle of words between a porn star and an actual writer, round one goes to the writer.
  4. news reel
    Dispatch From BEA: Ron Jeremy, Best-selling Author“‘He was this, this, this, this, a lot of dick jokes, now he’s really stiff, and best-selling author.’”
  5. cover story
    Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape Has Best-Looking Sex-Tape Cover EverThe cover looks so legit that we wonder why today’s hot twentysomething stars don’t record sex tapes as a kind of retirement plan.
  6. tube junkie
    World’s First Porno for Plants Not Nearly As Hot As It Could Have BeenArtist Jonathan Keats’s Cinema Botanica is, he claims, the world’s first porno film for plants and features “explicit acts of cross pollination.”