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Portia Doubleday

  1. Portia Doubleday Is No Robot; She Spent the Emmys Hunting for Beyoncé“That one time … that was awesome!”
  2. chat room
    Portia Doubleday Reads Mr. Robot Reddit TheoriesWe talked about her big scene in tonight’s episode.
  3. anatomy of a scene
    How Sam Esmail Directs the Cast of Mr. Robot“Somebody asked me what it’s like to work with [Sam Esmail] and I said, ‘It’s fucking depressing.’”
  4. vulture festival 2016
    The Mr. Robot Cast on Emotional Toll of Shooting That Graveyard ScenePlus, how they figured out the right outfit for Elliot.
  5. vulture festival 2016
    Here’s the Lineup for This Year’s Vulture Festival!It’s bigger than ever!
  6. nycc 2015
    7 Things We Learned from Mr. Robot’s NYCC Panel“You guys did get pretty close.”
  7. the industry
    Industry: Diane Lane Joins the Loud FamilyPlus: Corin Tucker flies solo!
  8. chat room
    Portia Doubleday on Youth in Revolt“Straight A’s, then a ‘D’ in theater. Stupid theater.”