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  1. Portishead’s Third Was a Major Comeback for a Major BandIt’s an album that comes through clearer just as things get worse.
  2. Revisiting Portishead’s Moody Self-Titled Second AlbumTwenty years after its release, Portishead is a moody, harrowing, listening experience.
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    Stream Black Mirror Season 3 SoundtrackFrom Portishead’s Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury.
  4. The 12 Best Comeback Albums (After a Decade or More) EverHello, D’Angelo!
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    Listen to Pogo’s Trippy Monsters, Inc. ‘Remix’Portishead meets Billy Crystal.
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    Radiohead Feeling Generous, ApparentlyPlus: New music from DMX and Jay-Z!
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    Portishead on Avoiding the Media, Playing Coachella, and Their Tense New Album“We want to do something creative and interesting, but when you play live, you just end up on the same stage as fucking Limp Bizkit.”
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    New Portishead Album Out Today! Trip-Hop Is Back!Our trip-hop detector hasn’t beeped in ten years!
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    It’s the Return of Outkast Big Boi Feat. André 3000!Plus new tracks from Three 6 Mafia, Kevin Barnes, and a Portishead remix!
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    Portishead Makes Triumphant Return to Sounding Like PortisheadPlus: Liam Finn!
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    We Completely Forget What Hope Davis’s New Movie Is AboutPlus: Portishead!
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    Mark Ronson Needs to Pick Better RivalriesMark Ronson and trip-hop band Portishead have squared off on their respective MySpace pages, for some reason.