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    See the Final Poster for Sons of AnarchyJax’s back tattoo gets a makeover.
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    Poster Boy Gets Eleven MonthsA Brooklyn judge has sentenced ad-defacing artist Poster Boy to eleven months in prison for defacing ads.
  3. hacks
    Artist Arrested for Subpar Subway VandalismSeriously, a smiley face?
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    MoMA Cans Poster Boy AccompliceThe man responsible for creating and defacing MoMA’s subway ad campaign has been dumped by the museum.
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    MoMA Denies Being Complicit With Poster BoyCBS Outdoor, the firm that installed MoMA’s ads in the Atlantic-Pacific subway station, believes MoMA approved of Poster Boy’s remix.
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    Poster Boy Remixes MoMA Subway AdsOn February 10, the Museum of Modern Art launched one of its most extensive and expensive advertising campaigns in history. Then Poster Boy showed up.
  7. chat room
    Vulture Exclusive: Poster Boy Speaks“Arresting Henry for being Poster Boy is like plucking a strand of Medusa’s hair.”