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  1. the vulture tv podcast
    Mr. Robot Creator Sam Esmail on How He Handles Criticism of the Show“Everyone was bummed out [when people figured out the twist] because we were still shooting and everybody on set was like, Oh shit, this is fucked up.”
  2. postmortem
    UnREAL’s Producers on the Season 2 Finale and What’s Next for the Show“Feeling or being unlovable is a core question for this series.”
  3. postmortem
    The Americans Showrunners on the Tense S4 Finale“I don’t think we ever considered killing [Pastor Tim] off.”
  4. mscl hour
    Geeking Out Over the My So-Called Life Finale With Creator Winnie HolzmanOn dreams and what might have been (e.g., Angela + Brian).
  5. postmortem
    24 Finale: A Showrunner Explains Why They Did That to Jack Bauer“We always conceived this as the final season.”
  6. postmortem
    Fargo Showrunner Noah Hawley on the Finale and His Plans for Season 2You betcha.
  7. deep dives
    Conversation About Louie Season 4Our TV critic and our Louie recapper look back on season four.
  8. season finales
    Can Veep Still Be Veep If There’s No Veep?It’s moving day.
  9. postmortem
    Game of Thrones Director Neil Marshall Breaks Down the Battle at the WallThe giants were real; the mammoths were not.
  10. postmortem
    Julia Collins on Her Impressive Jeopardy! Run“I don’t really have a ton of things to say to the Twitter universe.”
  11. executive shuffle
    Why Fox’s Kevin Reilly Is Leaving the NetworkVulture speaks to the deposed network chief about his ouster.
  12. chat room
    Matthew Weiner Talks Mad Men Mid-Season Finale “I look at it and ask, ‘Are you friends with the person who lost your lottery ticket for $1 million?’”
  13. postmortem
    The Americans’ Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields on the Finale’s Big TwistThey even kept [SPOILER] in the dark.
  14. postmortem
    Seitz Looks Back At The Good Wife Season 5Every bit as skilled at presenting its worldview as Mad Men.
  15. postmortem
    House of Cards Boss Beau Willimon Answers Vulture Readers’ QuestionsYou guys sure wanted to know a lot about Meechum.
  16. postmortem
    New Girl’s Showrunners Talk Season 4 Reset Showrunners Brett Baer and Dave Finkel didn’t plan on Nick and Jess lasting as long as they did.
  17. postmortem
    Mindy Kaling Explains The Mindy Project’s Perfect Season 2 EndingThe star and creator of The Mindy Project chatted with Vulture via email.
  18. postmortem
    Girls Finale: Showrunner Jenni Konner Talks Season 3 and What’s NextWhy did Hannah burst in on Ray and Marnie?
  19. postmortem
    Downton Abbey Executive Producer Talks Season 4The rape storyline was his idea.
  20. postmortem
    Walking Dead Boss Scott Gimple on Defending Carl and Michonne’s Dreamland“Carl is definitely much tougher than I am, so writing for him is like writing for the hero I’d like to be.”
  21. postmortem
    Sherlock Finale Postmortem: Moffat Weighs InIn order: Moriarty, Magnussen, mum, the mind palace, and Molly.
  22. postmortem
    Flowers in the Attic: 5 Changes From the Book“We didn’t want it to be a total campfest.”
  23. postmortem
    Ryan Murphy on What’s Next for AHS: Coven“Any time you can do anything with Stevie Nicks where you can find out the true secret of her shawls is amazing.”
  24. postmortem
    SoA’s Kurt Sutter on Tonight’s Tragic EndingSpoilers ahead.
  25. postmortem
    Shonda Rhimes Talks Scandal’s Brutal Season 3 and the Issue of LikabilityOn that Huck-Quinn scene from last night: “For me, it’s a reminder that as much as we all love these people, they’re all still monsters.”
  26. chat room
    Good Wife Bosses on Alicia’s Hidden Heartbreak“She’s still attracted to the idea of Will as sexual object.”
  27. postmortem
    Showrunner Terence Winter on Boardwalk Empire’s Season-Four Finale“I know, I know. It’s devastating for all of us.”
  28. postmortem
    A Monetary Autopsy of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark The show drops the curtain for good on January 4.
  29. postmortem
    Don’t Be Surprised If Sarah Silverman Never Does a Network Sitcom Again“Network TV is just not the place for me.”
  30. postmortem
    Good Wife Bosses Robert and Michelle King on ‘Hitting the Fan’ FalloutAlicia’s basically turning into Will.
  31. postmortem
    American Horror Story Writer James Wong on Minotaurs and Horrible MomsThe former X-Files scribe just delivered a sensationally bonkers episode of Coven.
  32. postmortem
    Ryan Murphy on the Premiere of AHS: CovenSpoilers ahead.
  33. last rites
    Seitz: One Last Look at the Breaking Bad FinaleWhat our TV critic feels about the episode four days later.
  34. postmortem
    Breaking Bad’s Peter Gould Talks ‘Granite State’“For me, this episode is about Walt hitting bottom.”
  35. postmortem
    Breaking Bad Director, Writer Talk ‘Ozymandias’The mind-blowing episode’s director and writer break down Walt’s phone call to Skyler, the big fight, and the improvisation skills of baby Holly.
  36. postmortem
    Breaking Bad Writer George Mastras on the ‘To’hajiilee’ ShowdownAlso covered: Todd’s crush and Walt Jr.’s celebrity encounter
  37. Breaking Bad Writer Sam Catlin on ‘Rabid Dog’What does he have planned for Jesse? “It’s a pretty short list of things you need from Nazis.”
  38. postmortem
    Breaking Bad Scribe on Jesse’s Best InterestsOur deep dive with Gennifer Hutchison, the episode’s writer. (*Spoilers abound!*)
  39. postmortem
    True Blood Showrunner: No More Werewolves“You could drive yourself crazy trying to please everybody. It’s impossible.”
  40. postmortem
    True Blood Season Six Postmortem: Still Having a BallTrue Blood may have lost Alan Ball, but season six still delivers comforting blasts of gory goodness.
  41. chat room
    Vince Gilligan on Breaking Bad’s ‘Blood Money’Also: It’s time to bone up on your Percy Bysshe Shelley.
  42. postmortem
    Matthew Weiner on the Mad Men Season Six FinaleIs Don’s epiphany permanent? Will season seven be bi-coastal? And what’s the deal with Bob Benson, anyway?
  43. inquiring minds
    The Orphan Black Showrunners Answer Vulture Readers’ Burning QuestionsCosima’s sexuality, explained!
  44. inquiring minds
    Ask the Orphan Black Showrunners AnythingWe’ll post their answers later this week.
  45. postmortem
    Arrested Postmortem: What’s Next for the BluthsThe next chapter is about the family coming back together.
  46. postmortem
    Your Good Wife Questions Have Been AnsweredAbout the end of the love triangle …
  47. postmortem
    Ask The Good Wife Bosses Your Finale QuestionsEli really likes Hostel 3?
  48. postmortem
    Mad Men’s Matt Weiner on the Season 6 Premiere “I want you to worry Don’s dead.”
  49. postmortem
    Mike White on Enlightened’s Finale, and His Plan for Season ThreeIt would be set in the legal world.
  50. tv
    Walking Dead Boss Answers Burning QuestionsAbout last night’s kiss…
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