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  1. the vulture tv podcast
    Mr. Robot Creator Sam Esmail on How He Handles Criticism of the Show“Everyone was bummed out [when people figured out the twist] because we were still shooting and everybody on set was like, Oh shit, this is fucked up.”
  2. postmortem
    UnREAL’s Producers on the Season 2 Finale and What’s Next for the Show“Feeling or being unlovable is a core question for this series.”
  3. postmortem
    The Americans Showrunners on the Tense S4 Finale“I don’t think we ever considered killing [Pastor Tim] off.”
  4. postmortem
    A Walking Dead Postmortem With Showrunner Glen MazzaraWe ask him about Merle, Michonne, and why they made the Governor less outright evil than in the comics.
  5. chat room
    Sarah Paulson on AHS’s Bloody Face Reveal“I just have to tell you, it’s going to get worse.”
  6. postmortem
    Amy Sherman-Palladino on the Bunheads Finale and What’s NextShe left. Gah! What’s next?
  7. postmortem
    Our Recapper and Critic Debate the Mad Men Finale“That was like one of those situations where you’ve been hoping for a sex scene between two characters and then it finally happens.”