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Power Rankings

  1. if i were a roy
    Succession Power Rankings: Shiv Is Beyoncé. That’s Canon.Thank you, Kendall, for a diss that beautifully backfires.
  2. meet the pierces!
    Succession Power Rankings: Big, Vulgar, and BoisterousAll families are weird and unhappy in their own way, right?
  3. just say numbers
    Succession Power Rankings: Executive-Level Business, or SomethingNazis! Safe rooms! Holly Hunter!
  4. boar! on! the! floor!
    Succession Power Rankings: But They’re My Pieces of ShitI love these crazy kids!
  5. vaulter dot com
    Succession Power Rankings: Can Tom Eat the Peach?Elio Perlman could never.
  6. poor cousin greg
    Succession Power Rankings: Thank You, Cousin Greg, for the Park CokeWho’s up? Who’s down? Who’s way too invested in Napoleonica?
  7. power rankings
    The Gilmore Girls Cast Power RankingCould you have guessed the guy who played a nebbishy Yale newspaper editor would become an Emmy Award–winning TV writer?
  8. power rankings
    Here Are the Bachelors Who Should Go to ParadiseSome Bachelors are looking for love. Others would rather earn a ticket to Paradise.