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  1. Jimmy Kimmel Explains His Sochi Wolf Prank On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel devoted almost 10 minutes to breaking down his whole Sochi wolf prank for the audience, including a […]
  2. Jimmy Kimmel Orchestrated a Hoax Video of a Wolf in a US Olympian’s Hotel […]Last week, US Olympic luger Kate Hansen posted a video of a wolf roaming her Sochi hotel that went viral, but it turns out the video is a hoax […]
  3. Nathan Fielder Reveals Himself as the Mastermind Behind Dumb StarbucksOver the weekend, the internet was abuzz with news of a new Los Angeles coffee shop called “Dumb Starbucks,” a near-fully functioning Starbucks […]
  4. Paul F. Tompkins Talks About Being Prank-Called by an Ice-T ImpersonatorLast month, comedian Paul F. Tompkins, who frequently plays Ice-T on his podcast and Comedy Bang! Bang!, received a phone call from someone […]
  5. pranksta's paradise
    Timeline: George Clooney’s History of PrankingFrom taking pictures of his genitals, to taking a crap in cat litter, to making Matt Damon think he’s fat.
  6. Matt Damon Gets Caught in the Middle of the Clooney vs. Fey/Poehler Prank […] When Tina Fey and Amy Poehler ragged on George Clooney at this year’s Golden Globes, they were signing up to be the known prankster’s newest […]
  7. Jon Daly’s Red Hot Chili Peppers Super Bowl Prank Is a Thing of BeautyIf you head over to RHCP2014.com, you’ll be treated to a stream of the new song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who are performing at the […]
  8. Listen to an Ice-T Impersonator Prank Call Paul F. TompkinsIf there’s only one thing Paul F. Tompkins will be remembered for, surely it’s his spot-on Ice-T impression. Recently, a performer named […]
  9. Pace Salsa Prankster Randy Liedtke May Have Committed Another Twitter HoaxLast week, LA-based standup Randy Liedtke tricked comedian Kyle Kinane and a bunch of people in the internet with a fake internet account for […]
  10. Bobcat Goldthwait’s ‘Windy City Heat’ Predicted Our Modern Reality TV“Windy City Heat is more like The Velvet Underground & Nico of this brand of reality TV — a prescient outlier that seems more contemporary […]
  11. pranks
    Watch Amy Poehler Watch YouTube Scare Videos on EllenShe does not approve.
  12. our selfies ourselves
    Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Hijacked His TwitterIt’s a good thing.
  13. pranks
    Justin Bieber Probably Will Not Play Robin in the Man of Steel SequelDespite what his Instagram may suggest.
  14. Trailer: ‘Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa’ Is a Narrative Movie with Pranks […] The Jackass guys are going in a different direction with their new movie. Called Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, it comes out October 25th and […]
  15. Nathan Fielder Has a New Twitter Experiment About Parents and STD’sNathan Fielder, host of Comedy Central’s Nathan For You, has been performing funny experiments on Twitter in which he asks his followers to […]
  16. Nathan Fielder Has Another Text Message Prank that’s Destroying Romantic […]Nathan Fielder, star of Comedy Central’s Nathan For You, gained a lot of media attention last month when he asked his Twitter followers to […]
  17. Check Out Kurt Braunohler’s Funny Skywriting PrankHere’s a photo from a skywriting prank by the very funny Kurt Braunohler, who co-hosts the live Los Angeles comedy show Hot Tub with his comedy […]
  18. chat room
    Scandal’s Joshua Malina on His Best Set Pranks“Things are too quiet. What can I do?”
  19. Watch Amy Poehler Prank Call Seth Meyers on a Talk Show Seth Meyers was a guest on Bravo’s late night show Watch What Happens Live last night, and he got a prank call from his former Weekend Update […]
  20. You Can Send a Fart by Mail, If You Want To“Farts just like Dad used to make.” (Their words, not ours.)
  21. A Young Larry David’s Friends Pranked Him into Thinking He Was Going to […]“We all knew Larry [David] was a hypochondriac… Lenny [Maxwell] was given a book on the theory of type A and B personalities and their […]
  22. A Funny Thing: Hayley Bing is Drinking Pee and Taking NamesHayley Bing was dating a nice boy who happened to be friends with the biggest asshole in the world. One time he gave her a beer that was really […]
  23. Elevator Prank Is So Scary and Mean, People CryNote to self: Always take the stairs.
  24. scarface
    Can Scarface Get You Laid?IRL? Not so cute.
  25. jimmy kimmel live
    See Horrible Back-to-School Outfits“I don’t want the pants on!”
  26. last night on late night
    Rose Byrne, Fallon Spoofed a Cheesy Lawyer AdPlus: Tom Waits took absurdly cool pleasure in showing off his new, grisly medieval rat trap, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  27. pranks
    Watch an Epic Shake Weight PrankGood arms!
  28. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Aaron Paul’s Meteor Prank Even Duped the Local NewsPlus: Jason Schwartzman sang an ode to the red pepper alongside Jimmy Fallon, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  29. Mr. Peepers Prankster Revealed“I thought it would be funny to find out that a Mr. Peepers movie had been written, and it was very serious and pretentious and political, and […]
  30. the law
    Justin Bieber Can’t Even Make Prank Calls Without a LawyerHe’s in trouble for tweeting a fake number.
  31. pranks
    Full Punk’d Trailer: Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Zac Efron Need Nicer Celebrity FriendsIt’s okay to laugh.
  32. pranks
    Watch Some Dummy Light His Hair on FireParents of children: Beware this dude. His name is Kev, and he’s an imbecile.
  33. hall and oates
    See Callin’ Oates in ActionHall and Oates finally enter tech-meme territory.
  34. delocated
    Learn How to Get ‘’Cadoed’ (or How to Do It to Others!)Stop whatever you’re doing, especially if you’re Tebowing. NEW PRANK ON DECK!
  35. Patton Oswalt Explains His King of Queens Prank to Jimmy Fallon Patton Oswalt took to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to promote Young Adult, but more importantly to show a fast-forwarded clip of […]
  36. The Rise and Fall of the Fake @JackNJillMovie Twitter AccountThis weekend saw the release of the new Adam Sandler comedy Jack and Jill, Sandler’s cringe-inducing riff on Norbit that’s become one of the […]
  37. pranks
    You Can Prank Call Jonah Hill This Weekend If You WantHis number is (917) 409-7838.
  38. Fake Vomit: An Origin StoryTell me your interest isn’t just a little bit piqued: “Have you ever stopped to contemplate the existence of rubber barf? It opens up enough […]
  39. punk'd
    The Game Punks Compton PoliceThe rapper pulled an M.I.A. vs. Lynn Hirschberg.
  40. clickables
    Consider the Latest Internet Pranking Trend, ‘Cone-ing’R.I.P., soft-serve ice-cream cones.
  41. Betty White’s Off Her Rocker, Spray Painting Your SUVYou think Betty’s adorable now; just wait until you’re watching your car get slowing crushed under a steamroller in the parking lot of […]
  42. clickables
    Check Out This Excellent ‘Dexter Kill Lab’ Roommate PrankClever. And disturbing.
  43. clickables
    Watch Justin Bieber Prank Willow Smith, Whip His HairSurprise!
  44. clickables
    See a Shirtless Saxophonist Play ‘Careless Whisper’ to Unwilling AudiencesSax bomb!
  45. clickables
    Watch a Man Follow Target Shoppers and Narrate Their Actions, to Great Effect“Left … right … left … right.”
  46. Gil Ozeri Is a Professional FetishistGil Ozeri makes amazingly awkward calls to phone sex operators pretending to have ludicrous fetishes. For example: 90’s slang. Now, he’s […]
  47. music
    Weirdo Pranks Eminem With Strange Fake-Crotch TrickThe classic stuffed-pants-for-celebrity-interview gag.
  48. melpocalypse
    Mel Gibson Has a History of Playing Inappropriate PranksWarning signs!
  49. movies
    Watch a Ghostbusters Prank at the New York Public LibraryOr are KKK members being chased by hazmat men with guns?
  50. late shifting
    Slash is With Coco….Even While on LenoThat pin!
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