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  1. snl
    Predicting How SNL Will Cast the 2020 Presidential HopefulsWe have some ideas.
  2. predictions
    Who’s Gonna Win at the 2019 Emmys? And Who Should Really Win?Our expert predictions.
  3. broadway
    Who Will Win at the 2019 Tony Awards?Because The Ferryman’s goose can’t win everything.
  4. eurovision 2019
    Who Will Win Eurovision 2019?Consider this your primer to the greatest camp spectacle on earth with fraught geopolitical undertones.
  5. predictions
    Which Game of Thrones Characters Will Die in the Battle of Winterfell?Game of Thrones has saved up dozens of characters for this massive fight. Who’s safe and who’s doomed?
  6. game of thrones
    37 Culturati Predict What Will Happen on Game of ThronesA not particularly scientific survey.
  7. grammys 2019
    Vulture’s 2019 Grammy PredictionsThis year is utterly unpredictable but that won’t stop us from trying.
  8. snl
    Who Will Host the 2018 SNL Season Premiere?We have a few guesses.
  9. What Will Happen in the Next Avengers Movie?We have some theories.
  10. grammys 2018
    Vulture’s 2018 Grammy PredictionsCould Lorde upset in Album of the Year to beat all the boys?
  11. grammys 2018
    Let’s Predict the 2018 Grammy NominationsWill it be Kendrick vs. Jay-Z? Does “Despacito” have a chance at Record of the Year? Will Logic be a sleeper hit? And what about Cardi B?
  12. Oscar Futures: Is Blade Runner 2049 a Major Contender?The hotly anticipated sequel may be a contender for Best Picture and Best Director.
  13. Here’s Proof That Anthony Atamanuik’s ‘The President Show’ Is the Ultimate […]Here’s a video Anthony Atamanuik’s President Show posted on Twitter today that’s two parts impressive and one part extremely terrifying – a […]
  14. Tony Awards Predictions 2017: Who’s Most Likely to Win?This year, there’s only one sure Bette.
  15. grammys 2017
    Grammy Predictions 2017: Vulture Picks the WinnersWill Beyoncé and Adele be the victims of yet another typical Grammys upset?
  16. The Unsettled, Unsettling 2016 Oscar RaceControversy and uncertainty make this one of the most wide-open awards seasons in years.
  17. Rob Corddry’s ‘Childrens Hospital’ Is Now the King of Accurate Oscar […]If you’re looking for the most spot-on Oscar winner predictions for next year, keep an eye on the team behind Adult Swim’s Childrens Hospital, […]
  18. predictions
    Kate Winslet Predicts This Is Leo’s Oscar YearShe probably still feels guilty about that door thing.
  19. oscar race
    Birdman Scores a Surprise Win at the Producers Guild AwardsThe race is on.
  20. predictions
    Let’s Take Bets on Who Will Die on ParenthoodIt’s time. 
  21. predictions
    Let’s Guess Who Will Host SNL’s Season PremiereProbably Chris Pratt, right?
  22. 2014 tony awards
    What Should Win at the Tonys Sunday Night, and What Will Win?Theater critic Jesse Green weighs in.
  23. John Oliver Attempts to Predict the Memorial Day Weekend NewsHere’s a clip John Oliver and his Last Week Tonight crew put together last week in an attempt to predict the news that would break during their […]
  24. predictions
    What Will Happen Next Season on Homeland?A few possibilities after last night’s finale.
  25. vulture lists
    15 Recurring Characters We Will and Should See on SNL This SeasonWith major cast departures, these characters will pick up the slack. 
  26. series finales
    Five Loose Ends Breaking Bad Probably Won’t Tie UpWon’t someone please get Huell out of that sad room?
  27. close reads
    Predicting Breaking Bad, Based on Episode Titles“Granite State.” Ahem.
  28. predictions
    What We Can Expect From a J.J. Abrams Star WarsBad dads, big monsters.
  29. predictions
    Where Does Homeland Go From Here?Brody will have to go full-on Jumanji.
  30. contests
    What’s Going to Happen on Homeland?If you come closest to guessing what will happen in the finale, you’ll win a prize. Holla!
  31. predictions
    Michael C. Hall Says Dexter Will ‘Get Caught’Some day. Maybe. In some capacity.
  32. predictions
    What’s Going to Happen on Breaking Bad’s Finale?Let’s look into the crystal (meth) ball.
  33. predictions
    The Familiar Sorkin Plots The Newsroom Should ReuseHow come no one’s dad has had a long-term affair?
  34. SNL’s Zach Kanin’s 2012 Predictions Are GreatNew SNL writer and New Yorker cartoonist Zach Kanin drew up some pretty exciting predictions for 2012. (You know, in his spare time. I hear […]