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  1. prestige tv
    Television’s Best Shows Are Taking Their Cues From LiteratureHow shows like Master of None, The Handmaid’s Tale, Jane the Virgin, and Big Little Lies are mining books for onscreen gold.
  2. trends
    Why Are We So Sure ‘Prestige’ TV Looks Like a 10-Hour Movie?This trend needs to die.
  3. vulture lists
    13 Signs You’re Watching a ‘Prestige’ TV ShowDo you need help recognizing whether the show you’re watching is good, serious TV?
  4. sexual assault on tv
    Showrunners Are Fighting Back Against Using Rape As a Plot PointExorcist EP Jeremy Slater describes it as “a plague on the industry.”
  5. prestige tv
    David O. Russell’s TV Series Coming to AmazonIt’s been picked up for two eight-episode seasons.
  6. still the 80s
    Why the Golden Age of TV Was Really Born in the 1980sThese shows were literally ahead of their time.
  7. vulture essays
    When Did Audiences Stop Taking ‘Middlebrow’ Television Seriously?It’s still really good!