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    A Guide to James Blake’s Fascinating Back CatalogueYou might know him for his piano jams, but he’s got a lot of weird and brilliant stuff floating around out there.
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    A Timeline of the Abuse Charges Against Bill Cosby [Updated]More than 50 women have accused Cosby of sexual assault.
  3. timeline
    What’s Rihanna Been Doing Since Her Last Album?A lot, actually. It’s just that very little of it involved new music.
  4. vulture lists
    15 Essential Gothic Horror Works: A Crimson Peak PregamePutting an old-timey spin on losing your faith in humanity.
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    Understanding Miles Davis, in 9 PartsWhen Miles Ahead, directed by and starring Don Cheadle, premieres in October, it’ll mark the first time that the jazz genius has been the subject of a non-documentary film.
  6. a guide to the truly prolific
    Which Ryan Adams Is for You? A Discography GuideTaylor Swift’s new BFF has a lot of albums.
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    Everything We’ve Written About the 2015 Best Picture Oscar Nominees [Updated]Fun facts and reviews galore.
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    How Leslie Jones Got to GhostbustersAn overnight success story 28 years in the making. 
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    Glee’s Final Season Starts Tonight. Here’s Where We Left Off.Season six, let’s do this!
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    5 Movies to Watch by the Dardenne BrothersThe Belgians are among the world’s greatest living filmmakers.
  11. books
    Why You Should Read (or Reread) Gone Girl Before Seeing the MovieJust do it already.
  12. fall tv 2014
    What You Need to Know Before Watching Season 2 of The BlacklistA catch-up guide.
  13. tardy to the party
    What Newbies Need to Know About Doctor WhoEveryone’s talking about this show that has been on for 50 years. How do I jump in?
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    Where Did the Guardians of the Galaxy Come From?Meet Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Gamora, Star-Lord, and Drax the Destroyer.
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    Primer: Snowpiercer Director Bong Joon-hoHis is a diverse and daring canon with universal appeal.
  16. Everything You Need to Know About This Year’s Best Comedy and Drama NomineesWe have a reading list for you!
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    Everything to Know About Tove Lo, Sweden’s Newest Pop SensationGet to know Tove Lo now.
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    Who is New Star Wars VIII Director Rian Johnson?He was behind the camera on one of your favorite episodes of Breaking Bad, for starters.
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    What Is a Kaiju? Atomic Breath, Huh? An A-Z Glossary of the Godzilla FranchiseIn today’s age of easily disposable pop-culture ephemera, Godzilla represents something rare: stability.
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    19 Songs to Know for This Year’s EurovisionEven if you don’t watch Eurovision, these are worth listening to.
  21. debate
    Explaining Ed Sheeran: A Debate About Your Newest Teen IdolHe was on Saturday Night Live this weekend.
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    Everything to Know About the Actor Who Plays Joffrey on Game of ThronesYou might not be seeing much of Jack Gleeson going forward.
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    Sam Smith 101: He’s Your New Male Adele, Kind OfIn case you were wondering about that singer you loved on this week’s SNL.
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    A Divergent Primer for the New PeopleIf you see the book fans going nuts but it all seems incomprehensible to you, here’s an explainer.
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    Everything You Need to Know About This Year’s Best Picture NomineesFrom 12 Years a Slave through Dallas Buyers Club: Everything we’ve written about the nominees.
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    American Hustle Is a Movie About Abscam — But What the Heck Is Abscam?It stands for “Abdul scam.” Read on to understand what that means.
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    Austin Mahone 101: Is He the New Justin Bieber?There can only be one.
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    Lorde 101: Who Is This 16-Year-Old New Zealand Singer Everyone’s Talking About?You can call her queen bee.
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    What the Hell Is a Kaiju? 5 Movies That Can Help Explain Pacific RimGuillermo del Toro’s monsters-versus-robots movie is constructed from the disparate parts of myriad genre predecessors.
  30. across the streaming-verse
    The Best of Streaming: What Should You Watch on Netflix, Hulu, and Other SitesA biopic starring Iron Man himself, and a Japanese crime thriller.
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    Director Park Chan-wook: Six Movies to WatchThe following works are required viewing.
  32. explainer
    Your Guide to the World of Beautiful CreaturesWe enlisted the help of the books’ co-authors, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.
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    The Five Crucial Tig Notaro Bits You Should SeeSorry, but Tig Notaro is now your favorite comedian, and not just because you feel bad that she’s had a kinda-crappy year.