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  1. tv imports
    What to Know About Taskmaster Before Its U.S. DebutThe British sorta-game-show sensation hasn’t made much of a footprint in the U.S., but that stands to change when it premieres on the CW this weekend.
  2. primers
    Everything to Know About August Alsina, Jada Pinkett Smith’s Alleged ExFor everyone wondering more about the singer and supposed “other man,” here’s who he is beyond the headlines.
  3. musicians on their own music
    Brandy Clark, Country’s Secret Weapon, Saved Her Best Songwriting for HerselfThe Grammy-nominated country star on the highs and lows of her career, bouncing back from country radio, and running into Prince in the elevator.
  4. vulture lists
    15 Great Movies to Get You Started With South Korean HorrorFrom Whispering Corridors to The Wailing.
  5. reality tv
    What to Know About Love Island Before Its U.S. DebutThe UK reality-TV sensation is coming to America, airing five — yes, five — nights a week. Here’s what to expect, and why you should watch.
  6. horror
    Mothra, Jigoku, Godzilla: a Postwar Japanese Horror PrimerTales of the supernatural reflected the anxieties of a society that had suffered the unthinkable terrors of war, and was still processing.
  7. primers
    Cardsharps, False Identities, and Pratfalls: A Preston Sturges PrimerRounding up the eight best films by one of Hollywood’s first writer-directors.
  8. primers
    Love Triangles, Screwballs, and WWII: An Ernst Lubitsch PrimerLooking at the pre- and post-Code films of the early Hollywood director.
  9. guides
    A Guide to Hannah Gadsby’s Pre-Nanette WorkHere’s a guide to the comedian everyone in the U.S. is finally talking about.
  10. From Face/Off to A Better Tomorrow: A John Woo PrimerIn anticipation of Manhunt’s release, we review some of the Hong Kong filmmaker’s iconic work.
  11. An Introduction to Japan’s Most Idiosyncratic and Exciting Animation DirectorWe break down Masaaki Yuasa’s best work, including Mind Game and The Tatami Galaxy.
  12. A Beginner’s Guide to Ingmar BergmanAnyone who has ever cast their gaze to the sky and impotently wondered why the world is such absolute crap will be able to tap into Bergman’s ethos.
  13. primers
    Why You Should Care About A Futile and Stupid Gesture: A National Lampoon PrimerIt’s time for a primer for Netflix’s A Futile and Stupid Gesture, a biopic about National Lampoon co-founder Doug Kenney, based on Josh Karp’s book.
  14. justice league
    What You Need to Know Before Seeing Justice LeagueA few key points from previous DC movies.
  15. Get to Know Jodie Whittaker, Your First Female Doctor on Doctor WhoYou’ve probably seen her on Broadchurch or Black Mirror.
  16. primers
    The Handmaid’s Tale: A Beginner’s Guide to the UniverseEverything you need to know going into Hulu’s dystopian drama.
  17. primers
    Will There Be Another Hollywood Writers’ Strike? Everything We Know So FarThe union has sent a letter to its members calling for a strike-authorization vote.
  18. Aaron Sorkin Says That He Is, in Fact, Aware of Hollywood’s Diversity ProblemHe would like you to know that he’s known about Hollywood’s lack of parity before last weekend.
  19. primers
    Ghost in the Shell 101: A Beginner’s Guide to the Manga and Anime SeriesLike many anime franchises, Ghost in the Shell exists over multiple films, TV series, and manga.
  20. primers
    From John Woo to John Wick, Here’s Your Guide to Gun FuKeanu Reeves has a lot of experience.
  21. primer
    A Timeline of the Abuse Charges Against Bill Cosby [Updated]More than 50 women have accused Cosby of sexual assault.
  22. primers
    Everything That’s Happened in the Sony Leak ScandalFrom top stars’ salaries to nasty emails to forthcoming films.
  23. primers
    Tinashe 101: Everything You Need to Know About the R&B NewcomerYou know that song “2 On?” That’s her.
  24. primers
    12 Things to Know About Stand-Up Comedian Jerrod CarmichaelHis first stand-up TV special aired on HBO on Saturday.
  25. primers
    Everything You Need to Know About Gone Girl’s Rosamund PikeShe’s the best.
  26. books
    Why You Should Read (or Reread) Gone Girl Before Seeing the MovieJust do it already.
  27. fall tv 2014
    What You Need to Know Before Watching Season 2 of The BlacklistA catch-up guide.
  28. primers
    What to Remember Before Sleepy Hollow Season 2A quick refresher on what’s up with Ichabod, Abbie, pals, and enemies as the show returns from a long hiatus.
  29. primers
    Everything We Know About The Good Wife’s Lemond BishopA cheat sheet to the recurring drug lord, who has resurfaced to cause trouble.
  30. primers
    Here’s What You Need to Know About The Maze Runner Before You See ItOur guide, sort of.
  31. primers
    Who Is Meghan Trainor and What Is ‘All About That Bass’ Even About?Peep our primer.
  32. primers
    A True Detective Fan’s Guide to Thomas LigottiA primer to the Southern Gothic writer whose work inspired Nic Pizzolatto on the HBO series.
  33. only british people can fly
    A Primer on The Late Late Show’s Possible New Host, James CordenHe’s an actor, writer, and comedian. And he’s reportedly coming to late night.
  34. glossary
    Your Guide to the Many Mysterious Reference Points of the Lana Del Rey UniverseA starter guide to the complete Lanaverse.
  35. primers
    How to Watch ABC’s Rising Star the Right WayThere’s live voting and an app.
  36. vulture precaps
    True Blood Primer: Where Things Stand Heading Into Season 7A handy reminder of what Sookie, Eric, Bill, and all your Bon Temps pals were up to when we last saw them.
  37. teen corner
    What Is 5SOS? Your New Boy Band, ExplainedStay with us.
  38. primers
    Where 17 Game of Thrones Characters Stand Going Into Season FourFind out what’s up with Joffrey, Arya, and the whole Westerosi gang as the new season begins.
  39. primers
    Your Primer to The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugNine things you need to remember before you see The Desolation of Smaug.
  40. primers
    Catching Fire: Everything You Need to RememberA primer, in case you forgot everything.
  41. primers
    Your Guide to Understanding The Mortal InstrumentsShadowhunters, runes, and downworlders, explained!