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  1. product placement
    Carrie Bradshaw’s Mac Gets Replaced in Sex and the City 2Traded in for a HP.
  2. free advertising
    Was Glee Madonna Product Placement?Cause the Material Girl is going to sell a whole bunch more songs whatever you call it.
  3. product placement
    Reitman Responsible For Up in the Air Hilton DealThe agreement reportedly helped the lower-budget film get made.
  4. ipads
    Did Modern Family Make You Want an iPad?Did you know the iPad will be in stores this weekend? If not, you definitely missed last night’s episode of ‘Modern Family.’
  5. music
    Counting the Product Placements in Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ Music VideoFeel like buying Wonderbread/Diet Coke/Polaroid today?
  6. Up’s Oscar Noms Make Fans Hungry for Ice CreamEvery time the movie gets attention, the Pixar hangout gets more business.
  7. latenightpocalypse
    Jay Leno Tops Product Placement RankingsBeat that scripted TV!
  8. your ad here
    Amazing But True: There’s Product Placement in The RoadSpam: It tastes better than people!
  9. mad men
    Not Every Piece of Mad Men Product Placement Comes Complete With a Fee to AMC, You KnowMaybe if they charged everyone, our DVR wouldn’t have cut off the last two minutes of the show!
  10. getting the brand back together
    The Hidden Genius of Mad Men Product PlacementSince the show is set in the sixties, don’t these companies risk seeming dated? We get schooled on the world of modern advertising.
  11. product placement
    Was Tina Fey Addressing McFlurrygate on 30 Rock Last Night?We think the answer is yes.
  12. product placement
    Can You Guess Who Sponsored 90210 Last Night?Get your Encyclopedia Brown on, people!