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Programming Notes

  1. That Unaired ‘Happy Endings’ Kickball Episode Will Be Broadcast […]There’s still one unaired episode from the latest season of Happy Endings, one that series creator David Caspe called “one of my favorites of […]
  2. NBC Schedules the Final Three ‘Community’ Episodes of the Season on One […]Community was already set to have a two-episode season finale scheduled back-to-back, but now NBC has gone and shoved a third episode on the […]
  3. Futurama Returns to the Present on June 20thGood news, everyone! Futurama is returning to Comedy Central for its new season on June 20th, when it kicks off with two new episodes at 10pm. […]
  4. FX Unveils Fall Comedy Premiere Dates, IFC Plans Marathon of Aussie WilfredFX, which is quickly becoming the AMC of comedy with it’s almost universally awesome original comedy programming, has just released its Fall […]
  5. NBC Is Leaving the Held-Over Friends with Benefits to Rot on Saturday […]The last of NBC’s three held-over comedies to be shrugged off onto the airwaves, after The Paul Reiser Show and Love Bites, is Friends with […]