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  1. sad dads in space
    Sad Dad Space Movies: A TaxonomySpace: The Ultimate Daddy?
  2. mysteries
    New Alien: Covenant Prologue Jumps Back to the End of PrometheusNoomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender go on a little space trip.
  3. expected returns
    Gotcha: Noomi Rapace Will Return for Alien: Covenant After AllThe continuity cops can rest easy.
  4. covenant
    Katherine Waterston to Star in Alien: CovenantHer character’s name is Daniels.
  5. whipping boys
    Damon Lindelof Is Basically Hollywood’s Version of Toby From The OfficeIs any successful writer crapped on so constantly?
  6. Two Prometheus Movies to Follow Alien: CovenantThe reason why he chose to make three new sequels? Star Wars, obviously.
  7. alien
    Alien Sequel Now Has a Synposis, Release DatePrometheus 2, then Alien: Paradise Lost, then Alien: Covenant.
  8. sci-fi drama
    Neill Blomkamp: Alien Out, Prometheus InAll is fair in love and aliens.
  9. questionable sequels
    Ridley Scott Promises Us More Prometheus SequelsFour-metheus.
  10. so long farewell
    Damon Lindelof Has Deleted His Twitter AccountWe wish him happiness.
  11. movies
    You Think You Want Prequels, But You Really Don’tWhy are prequels so often disappointing … and why can’t we leave well enough alone?
  12. rewrites
    Prometheus Almost Had a Facehugger SceneLogan Marshall-Green’s poor face.
  13. prometheus
    Watch the Honest Trailer for Prometheus“An epic quest that has no answers or payoffs to anything.”
  14. chat room
    Guy Pearce on Lawless, Prometheus, and Finely Calibrated Camp“Australians have a good sense of humor, and I think that we’re also not afraid to take the piss out of ourselves.”
  15. ah memories
    Things We Can’t Forget From This Summer’s MoviesAlso, we talk about the chems.
  16. sequels
    Prometheus 2 Is a GoSome stars are returning, but will writer Damon Lindelof?
  17. prometheus
    See How Prometheus Should Have EndedHonestly? Not so far off.
  18. summer movies 2012
    Why Can’t This Summer’s Movie Villains Come Up With a Good Plan?From Brave to Prometheus, they just can’t seem to get it together.
  19. prometheus
    Learn About the Opening Scene of PrometheusYou can’t really skimp on effects when it comes to the beginning of life.
  20. your box office explained
    Madagascar 3 Scores Second Week Atop Box OfficeThis weekend’s top two grossing movies remain the same as last weekend’s.
  21. box office zilch
    Rock of Ages and That’s My Boy Flop, As ExpectedDespite considerable star power.
  22. prometheus
    Watch a Featurette About the Sounds of Prometheus“I knew I heard Pop Rocks!”
  23. francophile
    James Franco Also Wonders Why Prometheus Characters Are Such JerksHe’s seen the movie and he has some questions.
  24. your box office explained
    Madagascar 3 Rules the JungleAnd Prometheus is on fire in second place.
  25. box office
    Prometheus and Madagascar 3 Devour Box OfficeIn a big weekend for theaters overall.
  26. open questions
    10 Questions Left Unanswered at the End of PrometheusWhat was the android’s agenda?
  27. the vulture transcript
    Idris Elba on Prometheus, Learning to Box, and His Party House The address, 7 Wallace, is his D.J. name. How gangster.
  28. david edelstein
    Prometheus Review: More Than Just an AlienThe stately prequel has none of Alien’s visceral punch but no long dull stretches of cat-searching, either.
  29. prometheus
    All Four Alien Movie Opening SequencesIt’s a Ridley Scott weekend!
  30. chat room
    Damon Lindelof on Androids, Alien Rape, and His Anxiety Over Prometheus“Here I am, the guy who ruined Lost, and now I’ll be the guy who ruined the Alien franchise.”
  31. education
    No, That’s Not Tom Hardy in PrometheusIt’s Logan Marshall-Green.
  32. prometheus
    Check Out a Fifties-Style Prometheus PosterDead on.
  33. prometheus
    Watch Joel McHale Spoof Michael Fassbender’s Prometheus VideoMcHale or Fassbender? McHale or Fassbender???
  34. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Why Andy Samberg Didn’t Get a Big SNL Send-OffPlus: Michael Fassbender broke out into an Irish song, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  35. prometheus
    Watch the Trailer for Prometheus Re-created With PaperBecause why shouldn’t this exist?
  36. your box office explained
    Box Office: Snow White Defies Low ExpectationsIt did better than predicted, but Prometheus’s international debut is a warning bell.
  37. your box office explained
    How Many Years Is Best Between Movie Sequels?We’ve studied all the major franchises to see what works and what doesn’t.
  38. movies
    Idris Elba on Prometheus, Playing Nelson MandelaFor almost a year, his home has been his suitcase.
  39. prometheus
    Watch a New Prometheus FeaturetteConsider this our Men in Black III.
  40. close reads
    Michael Fassbender Thinks Peeing Cost Him That OscarWith bonus Michael Fassbender breakfast facts.
  41. ratings
    Prometheus Will Be Rated RAnd may have thwarted Guillermo Del Toro’s At the Mountains of Madness.
  42. prometheus
    Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Featurette for PrometheusJohn Carter who?
  43. vulture's summer movie preview
    An Infographic Guide to This Summer’s MoviesHelpful pie charts and graphs explaining Battleship, Magic Mike, Prometheus, and more.
  44. prometheus
    See Michael Fassbender in the Next Viral Video for PrometheusFassy goes android.
  45. trailer mix
    Movie Trailers Do Not Need Their Own TrailersLet’s stop with this new trend of five-second teasers that come out before a trailer premiere.
  46. trailer mix
    Which Prometheus Teaser Is Right for You?Suddenly, there are so many to choose from.
  47. clickables
    Watch New Prometheus TrailerRidley Scott’s Aliens prequel, starring Dragon Tattoo’s Noomi Rapace.
  48. community
    Watch Community Reimagined As the Prometheus TrailerWe always knew Chevy Chase was evil.
  49. movies
    Ridley Scott’s Prometheus Has a TED Talk Viral Video Starring Guy Pearce.
  50. Prometheus Trailer: Ridley Scott’s 2012 Space OdysseyWatch the trailer for his psuedo-prequel to Alien.
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