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    Natalie Portman Says She Could Still Have ‘A Diaper Movie’ in Her FutureThe actress speaks on a most pressing matter.
  2. promises promises
    The Next 4 Avatar Movies Have a New Set of Intentions to Eventually ExistDare to trust again?
  3. tony awards
    Sean Hayes Will Not Wear Gold Pants at Tonight’s Tony AwardsDarn.
  4. tonys
    Sean Hayes Will Host the TonysIn your face, ‘Newsweek.’
  5. beef
    Kristin Chenoweth Is Not Pleased With NewsweekShe “was shocked on many levels” to see a “horrendously homophobic” article on its website.
  6. party lines
    Kristin Chenoweth at Promises, Promises“The Oklahoma way is just to buy all new furniture.”