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  1. Fancy Music Video Directors Direct a ‘NTSF:SD:SUV’ Promo We surely live in the age in which dubstep scores every commercial. This video was shot by The Daniels – which is the on the nose name for the […]
  2. Seriously, Who Is W. Kamau Bell? I imagine the marketing meeting for W. Kamau Bell’s new FX series, Totally Biased, went exactly like this: Marketing Executive 1: “We need to […]
  3. Steve Martin Can Really Sell You on Selling His Comedy Back in the day of records and record stores and people buying albums, artists would make little promotional tapes to send to retailers to […]
  4. Kenny Powers Is A Majestic Work Of Art In Eastbound And Down Teaser I’m pretty sure that’s not how they airbrush tank tops, but whatever. I chose this career path and now I just have to deal with the fact that […]
  5. Here’s a Clip From South Park’s ‘Mid-Season Finale’ Seven episodes into the 15th season, apparently it’s time for South Park’s “mid-season finale,” which I guess means there won’t be any more […]
  6. Larry Takes NYC in a New Promo for Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 Here’s a new teaser for the new season of Curb, which still doesn’t have a solid date for when it’s coming back yet. And man, am I excited […]