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  1. backstories
    The Hardest Props I Ever MadeHollywood’s veteran property masters explain 12 props that made their careers.
  2. last night on late night
    Rogue One Director and Cast Talk Stealing PropsThey also premiere a new exclusive clip.
  3. last night on late night
    Aaron Paul Stole Gus Fring’s Head From SetIt lives in his media room now.
  4. props
    Kurt Russell Smashed a Pricesless Guitar in H8The production was supposed to swap it out for a replica.
  5. Original Dukes of Hazzard Car to Be De-FlaggedPro golfer Bubba Watson will paint over the Confederate flag on one of the only original cars from the TV series.
  6. how dey do dat?
    How 17 Orange Is the New Black Props Were MadeThe show’s prop master breaks it all down.
  7. craft work
    Origin Stories of True Detective’s Set PiecesProduction designer Alex DiGerlando tells the stories behind Big Hug Mug, beer-can men, and devil’s nests.
  8. star wars
    See the Allegedly Original Jabba the Hutt PropMust! Not! Make! Bruce Vilanch joke!
  9. Gallagher Is Selling His Props in the Most Schadenfreude-y Auction EverNotorious prop comic and crazyperson Gallagher has not had a good couple of months. First, he had a bit of a meltdown during an interview with […]
  10. props
    Helena Bonham Carter, Awards Season MVP“On the whole I provide a service, because perfectionism is completely overrated.”
  11. mad men
    Mad Men’s Prop Man Is a Mad Man“Well, pencils are pencils. There’s no change in the pencils.”