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  1. protests
    Stunt Actors Protest the Oscars for Recognition“The Film Academy has blatantly discriminated against stunt people.”
  2. ‘Late Night’ Writer Conner O’Malley Checked Out Today’s Failed […]In response to her performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, a bunch of Beyoncé haters recently attempted to put together a protest outside […]
  3. boycotts
    Police Unions Cease Boycott of The Hateful EightThey don’t want to give him any more “free publicity” by making ominous threats.
  4. black lives matter
    Vic Mensa Joins Laquan McDonald Protest Footage of a Chicago police officer shooting the black teen 16 times was released on Tuesday.
  5. jail time
    Steve-O Gets 30 Days in Jail for SeaWorld Protest, Seems Pretty Chill About It“What can I say, I’m a jackass.”
  6. Eugene Mirman Took Out a Full-Page Ad Over a $15 Parking TicketEugene Mirman recently had an unfortunate experience while visiting Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and as he is known to do, he decided to deal […]
  7. protests
    Protesters Shame Bill Cosby Fans at Comedian’s Canada Show“Rape is no joke.”
  8. Captive Audience: Meet the Protester Who Did Standup in JailMost people will go their entire lives without knowing the simple joy of telling jokes in front of an audience and pretty much no one on earth […]
  9. protests
    Madonna Covered Elliott Smith for Freedom Last NightAt the premiere of her secret video project.
  10. protests
    Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich Pull Albums From SpotifyIn protest of its business model.
  11. protests
    Yasiin Bey, the Former Mos Def, Got Force-FedFor a human rights video.
  12. protests
    Michelle Shocked Showed Up to a Canceled Gig to ProtestShe wore a sack with a hole cut in it and tape over the mouth.
  13. the law
    George Clooney Arrested at Sudan ProtestHandcuffs and everything.
  14. protests
    NBC Is Sorry You Had to See M.I.A.’s Middle Finger“Very disappointing.”
  15. protests
    V for Vendetta Author Finds Use of Guy Fawkes Masks ‘Peculiar’And he’s not a big Time Warner fan.
  16. protests
    Pixies, Gorillaz, and Klaxons Bail Out of Israeli Music FestivalThe bands have canceled their slots at Tel Aviv’s June 9 Pic.Nic festival.
  17. protests
    Attack of the Cult Flicks!Enough with the good-bad movies.
  18. m.i.a.
    M.I.A.’s New Song Is Actually a New York Times Dis TrackSpecifically, against the “Travel” section.
  19. i love the situation
    Alyssa Milano Continues Her Riveting One-Woman Campaign Against Jersey ShoreHer Funny or Die parody is so funny that we forgot to laugh!
  20. beef
    Blind Rage Over ‘Blindness’The blindness in ‘Blindness’ is a metaphor, but the National Federation of the Blind doesn’t see it that wway.
  21. apropos of nothing
    Is Tonight’s ‘American Idol’ the Most Egregious Filler Episode in TV History?Is it really just two hours of people in a room?
  22. the take
    Is ‘The Golden Compass’ Too Anti-Christian, or Not Anti-Christian Enough?The Catholic League and the National Secular Society argue about why New Line’s fantasy franchise is offensive.
  23. tube junkie
    Uncontroversial Play Interrupted by Christian Protesters