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  1. freedom masks
    President Bill Pullman Wants You to Celebrate Your Freedom by Wearing a MaskAlexa, please play Martina McBride’s “Independence Day.”
  2. psa
    Britney Spears Issues a Perfect PSA for Pride Month“I love you so much it hurts.”
  3. psa
    A Times Square Tribute to All of UsTwo dozen artists say thank-you.
  4. psa
    In Their Coronavirus PSA, HBO’s Watchmen Cast Asks: Who Washes the Washmen?Oh boy, if you thought those “My Corona” puns were bad …
  5. psa
    Contagion Star Kate Winslet Will Now Teach You How to Wash Your Hands CorrectlyIf you won’t listen to the CDC, listen to the Contagion cast.
  6. coronavirus
    You Know Things Are Bad When Jeremy Clarkson Self-Isolates to Protect James May“I haven’t even got the internet here. I can’t even watch pornography.”
  7. psa
    7 Great Moments in Cuomo’s Coronavirus PowerPoint SlidesYOU ARE WRONG!
  8. psa
    Cool Mom Mariah Carey and Dem Babies Demonstrate the Correct Way to Wash HandsPlease look at her adorable children.
  9. pun-based activism
    Billy Idol Does Anti-Idling Campaign Because You Can’t Spell Punk without PunRadical!
  10. psa
    A Guide to Talking to Your Loved Ones About Motion SmoothingIf you or someone in your family has been affected by motion smoothing, your situation is dire but not irreversible.
  11. ban motion smoothing
    How to Turn Motion Smoothing Off on Your TVMake your TV go back and show movies the way they were supposed to be.
  12. psa
    Endgame Does Not Have a Post-Credits Scene So Just Go HomeWe’ll save you the trouble.
  13. psa
    Watch Sharp Objects to the Very End, or Else You’ll Miss an End-Credits SceneA public-service announcement.
  14. roll clip!
    Celebrities Urge Electoral College Against Trump[Stirring music swells.]
  15. legal weed
    Pusha T Really Wants California to Legalize Weed and Not for Obvious Reasons“If ending prohibition on marijuana reduces recidivism, then let’s do it.”
  16. psa
    U.S. Presidents, Hamilton Cast Want You to VoteRegister, y’all.
  17. public service announcement
    Sausage Party PSA: Hot Dog Claims ‘Grills Kills’“This Fourth of July, destroy your barbecue.”
  18. binge-watching
    Watch Chris Pratt, Retta, and Others in an Anti-Binge-Watching PSAIncluding cast members of Orange Is the New Black and Lost.
  19. Matt Walsh, Rob Corddry, Donald Faison, and Rob Huebel Are Tired of Being […]Entertainment Weekly recently put together this PSA from some of Hollywood’s finest character actors including Matt Walsh, Rob Corddry, Donald […]
  20. ‘Community’ Takes an Anti-Graffiti Stance in This ‘G.I. Joe’-Themed PSACommunity’s animated G.I. Joe-themed episode airs next week on NBC, so ahead of that the show put together this helpful PSA for kids who think […]
  21. psa
    Julie Delpy Wishes You Would Stop Texting While Ethan Hawke Is TalkingThey made an Alamo Drafthouse PSA.
  22. Watch Matt Damon’s Funny PSA About the Clean Water Crisis Here’s a video for Water.org, the water crisis non-profit co-founded by Matt Damon, in which Damon holds a press conference to swear off going […]
  23. Ron Swanson Records a Bacon Shortage PSA (and May Be the Reason for the […] Meat lover Ron Swanson filmed this “The More You Know” PSA to address the bacon shortage that’s affecting this fine country of ours. Swanson […]
  24. Todd Glass Films Powerful PSA to Support Gay Youths Earlier this year, Todd Glass came out on WTF. He explained much of the impetus in doing so was to set an example and to communicate to kids […]
  25. the hunger games
    Check Out a Series of Hunger Games PSAs“If you see something, jabberjay something.”
  26. kesha
    Watch Ke$ha Raise Awareness About Street DogsKe$ha is now working with the Humane Society to raise awareness about the mistreatment of street dogs.
  27. bullying
    Watch the Cutest PSA Ever Made About Misusing the Word GayIndeed, misusing the word gay is mean and it’s offensive. KNOCK IT OFF!
  28. Sleepy Teen Jason Bateman Warns You About Noise Pollution It’s itty bitty Jason Bateman! And his hair! Just think, he was 18 when this PSA was made, but he was already fighting for the curmudgeonly […]
  29. clickables
    See Leighton Meester’s PSA Against the Touching of Other People’s Sh-tSpecifically, her shit.
  30. clickables
    See ‘Game On!,’ a Charming Eight-Bit Safe-Sex PSASuper Mario says: Wear a condom.
  31. psa
    Cougar Town Explains the Dangers of the Neti PotAnd it is awesome.
  32. clickables
    Watch a Drug Dealer’s PSA Against Decriminalizing WeedYes, the bleach and machete in the background are a nice touch.
  33. clickables
    See James Cameron’s Odd Pro-Environment PSASundry Cameron-movie puns lead to an appearance from Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  34. lady gaga
    Watch Lady Gaga’s Sexual-Harassment PSAIt’s from the nineties. And no, she’s not wearing pants.
  35. Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Jack McBrayer Dress Up Like FurriesThis is a PSA against domestic violence, although it’s really two videos: a wacky viral video about furry sex edited up against a serious PSA […]
  36. psa
    Tune in Tonight to Judge Luc Bondy’s Tosca for YourselfSo far only those who saw ‘Tosca’ live got to be outraged — or to be outraged at the outrage.