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  1. george floyd protests
    The Quiet Trauma of Watching Police Brutality on a ScreenA conversation with a psychologist about how violent footage can “absolutely” traumatize viewers.
  2. Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump Takes a Psychological Fitness Test on ‘The […]The President Show has already taken us on a tour inside Donald Trump’s terrifying mind, but during last night’s episode they took it a step […]
  3. ask an expert
    Why Pixar Movies Make Us CryBig eyes, full hearts, can’t keep it together. 
  4. Humor Sickness: What Makes Comedians Tick?Announcing your innermost insecurities and self-aggrandizing fantasies in public would generally be considered a strong indicator of mental […]
  5. reality television
    Bravo Is Making a Psychologist Reality ShowTitled LA Shrinks
  6. tv
    Seitz: How the Best Shows Are Turning Viewers Into Shrinks2011 was the season of TV on the couch.