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  1. streaming theater review
    Richard Nelson’s Apple Family Is Muted in Grief and Unmuted on ZoomIn What Do We Need to Talk About?
  2. shakespeare in the park
    Shakespeare in the Park Canceled as Public Theater Furloughs StaffRichard II and As You Like It were planned for this summer.
  3. theater review
    Theater Review: The Strengths and Weaknesses of a Free Public HerculesThe Disney movie musical is onstage for a one-week run in the park.
  4. interviews
    Hercules’ Jelani Alladin on Exploring Black Male Heroism OnstageAnd he promises he’s bulking up for the part.
  5. theater review
    Theater Review: A Coriolanus Amid the WreckageAfter the apocalypse in Central Park.
  6. theater review
    Theater Review: Ain’t No Mo’ Is a Biting Farce That Takes FlightJordan Cooper’s new play is a suite of comic sketches.
  7. theater review
    Theater Review: It’s Always Sunny in This Twelfth NightIn the park, not a cloud in the sky.
  8. theater review
    Theater Review: Of Tusks and Treachery, in Mlima’s TaleAn elephant’s-eye view of the illegal ivory trade.
  9. theater review
    Theater Review: On the Road With Miss You Like HellA show I really wanted to like.
  10. Theater Review: Office Hour Is a Well-Intentioned MistakeIs this theatrical approach to mass shootings irresponsible?
  11. theater review
    Theater Review: The Public Theater Stages Its Own Origin StoryI hope they get it.
  12. theater review
    Theater Review: Tiny Beautiful Things Won Me Over Against My WillDiscord, not so much.
  13. Theater Review: A Midsummer Night’s Dream That Never Touches EarthAll the froth, none of the underlying dread.
  14. theater review
    A Hamlet Where Everyone’s Onstage, and Oscar Isaac Is Among UsAnd Oscar Isaac is among us all.
  15. Do Sponsors Like Delta Have the Right to Demand Squeaky-clean Art?The controversy surrounding the Public Theater’s production of Julius Caesar shows that expecting funding without constraints is naïve.
  16. theater review
    Theater Review: Lynn Nottage’s Sweat Tells But Doesn’t ShowAs it transfers to Broadway, the play brings its strong ideas and weak characterizations intact.
  17. Theater Review: The Public Works’ Diverse, Delicious Twelfth Night“For the audience, the source of the joy was mostly the joy of those participants.”
  18. theater reviews
    Theater Review: Can Troilus and Cressida Be Saved?Plus: Men on Boats, played by women not on boats.
  19. Remembering Elizabeth Swados, the Original Theater BadassHer stubborn, wild, ephemeral spirit touched so many of us.
  20. theater
    Theater Review: Cymbeline in the Park, With Some StreamliningA strain of rareness.
  21. theater
    Theater Review: City Dynamics Step Onstage, in BuzzerA neighborhood in transition.
  22. theater
    Theater Review: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton“Neither a challenge nor a chore. It’s just great.”
  23. Theater Review: Mike Daisey’s Yes This ManDaisey opens wide to criticism.
  24. theater
    Theater Review: Much Ado About NothingIn the Park, in the rain.
  25. stage dive
    Theater Review: A Fast-Moving Antony and Cleopatra“What started as a study of passionate love between great equals winds up as a count-the-corpses Grand Guignol.”
  26. theater review
    Theater Review: With Regular Singing, One More Bite of the Apple Family“The plays are a kind of exposed nerve.”
  27. stage dive
    Shakespeare in the Park, Twice Over (Plus Once in Greenwich)Shakespearean weddings, in and out of town.
  28. stage dive
    Stage Dive: Things to Do Before You Die This WeekendIf you don’t have tickets to ‘Sleep No More.’