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  1. Why Is ‘Anchorman 2’ Being Promoted So Hard?No comedy in movie history has ever been promoted as hard as Anchorman 2. We’re still a week away from the film’s release, but we’re two months […]
  2. most valuable stars
    A Hollywood Publicist’s Six Tips for How to Build a Lasting Movie StarOne veteran publicist offers a few insights from her decades in the red-carpeted trenches.
  3. Chris Kattan Surfs the Net, Has a Car, Sometimes Remembers His DreamsWe all know how important it’s become for comedians to connect with their audience via Facebook and Twitter and blogs and the AST message board […]
  4. the end
    Adventures in Publicity: ‘Psychiatric Reports’ for CriticsWe were clobbered over a feature we wrote, and now suffer from “nyctophobia”?