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  1. These Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman Puns Are Sew Impressive“I macraméd you and I can macrabreak you just as easily.”
  2. box office
    Solo Box-Office Estimates: So Low?Solo’s opening weekend is expected to gross around $130 to $150 million in toto.
  3. wordplay
    The Food Puns in This Week’s Episode of The Good Place Are SpectacularKnish From a Rose! From Schmear to Eternity! Beignet and the Jets!
  4. An Excerpt from ‘Away with Words,’ by Joe BerkowitzWe’ve now reached the pun solstice, the verbal equinox. The Henry Pun-Off is six months away, a comfortably far-off X in next year’s calendar. […]
  5. comedians in cars getting coffee making bad jokes
    Jerry Seinfeld Lands in Hot Water Over Bozo Black Lives Matter TweetHe could not resist the pun.
  6. jokes
    Why BoJack Horseman Has So Many Puns“When I was in college, I was in a comedy group and my friend used to call me ‘Pun Robot.’”
  7. puns
    Sharknado 4 Is Called Sharknado: The 4th AwakensIt is a play on The Force Awakens, you see.
  8. puns
    Miranda’s Rights Finds Its MirandaYou have the right to remain punny.
  9. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Went on a Glorious Pun Run, Courtesy of Bernie SandwichesThis is making us very hungry.
  10. puns
    There’s a Show Called Eel of Fortune!About … eels. But still!
  11. the hunger games
    Check Out a Collage of Puns About The Hunger Games’ Massive Box-Office DrawAs in hunger. Get it?
  12. lawsuits
    Melissa Joan Hart Sued by Punny Former ManagerFor non-payment.
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    Get Some Hot Oscar Tips From Oscar the GrouchIt’s the year of Colin Filth.
  14. A Visual History of Pun Movie TitlesIn, um, honor of Gnomeo and Juliet, with one note: porns are excluded because Pocahotass would obviously win. Ranked from clever to […]
  15. clickables
    Enjoy a Bunch of Fruit and Technology Puns, Courtesy of Two Elderly British MenIt’s charming!
  16. More Puns About Technology Crammed Into One Sketch Than Previously Though […] Here’s a preview sketch from the BBC’s upcoming The One Ronnie, starring Harry Enfield and Ronnie Corbett. It’s like a masterclass in puns.
  17. m.i.a.
    M.I.A. Announces MixtapeM.I.A. has announced that she is set to release ‘Vicky Leekx’ on New Year’s Eve.