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  1. behind the scenes
    Why Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Tackled #MeToo With a Puppet PenisShowrunner Robert Carlock on the Mr. Frumpus story line, including that gross scene with his “little orange tube.”
  2. endings
    After 15 Years of Ruining Unsuspecting Families’ Vacations, Avenue Q to CloseThe show took home Best Musical, Best Book, and Best Original Score at the 2004 Tony Awards
  3. A Famous French Satirical Puppet Show Might Be Coming to the U.S.No strings attached.
  4. puppets
    How Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Puppeteer Made a Talking Backpack So Emotional“The first time I saw it, I’m thinking, This is essentially puppeteering a giant canned ham.”
  5. trailer mix
    Melissa McCarthy Stars in the Not-Safe-for-Puppets Happytime Murders TrailerAbandon all hope, ye who have any childhood attachment to puppets here.
  6. non-evil puppets
    Ed Sheeran Isn’t Any ‘Happier’ As a Puppet in His New Music VideoOh no, he even has little puppet tattoo sleeves!
  7. The Sound of One Muppet Guy Talking: A Conversation with Dave GoelzThe mind, voice, and hands behind The Great Gonzo, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, saxophonist Zoot and three-dimes-shy-of-a-quarter Beauregard the […]
  8. Maya Rudolph Joins the Cast of Melissa McCarthy’s Puppet Comedy ‘The […]In May it was announced that Melissa McCarthy had signed on to star in a movie called The Happytime Murders, and today another big comedy star […]
  9. casting couch
    Melissa McCarthy to Investigate Puppet Homicides in The Happytime MurdersThink Who Framed Roger Rabbit? with puppet cadavers.
  10. julie's greenroom
    Julie Andrews Wants to Get Kids Excited About Arts (With the Help of Puppets)“Hopefully we get people curious about going out and exploring their local community center.”
  11. videology
    Watch Chance the Rapper Sing With Puppets in the ‘Same Drugs’ VideoAs seen on his Magnificent Coloring World Tour.
  12. Craig Ferguson and The Jim Henson Company Producing ‘Top Puppet’ Reality […]Craig Ferguson is teaming up with The Jim Henson Company for a puppet competition special at NBC. According to Deadline, the network is […]
  13. Co-Director Duke Johnson Talks Anomalisa“You’re trying to get these subtle, nuanced human experiences out of dolls.”
  14. new yorker festival
    The Story Behind Jason Segel’s Dracula Puppet MusicalIt was a weed-powered attempt at stardom long before Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
  15. neil's puppet dreams
    Neil Patrick Harris’s New Web SeriesOh, hi, Joe Manganiello!
  16. documentaries
    Watch Hands of God, a Documentary About Christian PuppeteersSinners come in all shapes and sizes, including felt!
  17. requiem for a dream
    See Requiem for a Dream Re-created With PuppetsEllen Burstyn looks … weird.
  18. pickup lines
    NBC Making a Puppet Sitcom With the Jim Henson CompanyMuppet fever!
  19. clickables
    Watch a Large, Drunk Puppet Stumble Around IrelandHis name is Arthur.
  20. clickables
    Watch a Bizarre Halftime Show Starring Village People PuppetsBizarre, but actually somewhat impressive?
  21. The Simpsons Puppet Segment Is…Something Here’s a segment from last night’s Simpsons in which the animation is replaced by puppets. It’s sort of like that Halloween episode that had […]
  22. exclusive
    Cameron Diaz Offered a Role in Dark Puppet Movie The Happytime MurdersWe’ve read the script, and it would make Fozzie blush.
  23. Homeless Kermit Puppeteer Not Actually HomelessBut don’t feel [too] duped!
  24. clickables
    Watch Two Kermit Puppets Lip Sync Queen’s ‘Under Pressure’Mystery puppet master presents: “Under Pressure.”
  25. music
    Watch the Dancing Reggaeton Puppet Hump the SidewalkOh, you didn’t know about the dancing reggaeton puppet?
  26. movies
    Watch Pharrell and a Yellow Puppet in a Cute Short Film Called Where’s the Money, George?Odd but so adorable.
  27. puppets
    Rosie O’Donnell and Craig Ferguson Are ‘Addicted to Love’It’s just Craig being Craig.
  28. puppets
    Jeff Dunham Show: Canceled, Most Likely!Comedy Central: “We have no plans to renew the series at this time.”
  29. scripts
    Exclusive: We’ve Seen Steve Carell’s ‘Beaver’ ScreenplayOur verdict? This is one of the more elegantly messed-up stories we’ve read in a long, long time.