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  1. this week in late night
    We Truly Needed This Puppy-Filled Week in Late NightMore Quality Dog Content, please.
  2. Dogs Review Isle of DogsDo these dogs have a bone to pick with Wes Anderson’s latest film?
  3. puppies!!!!!!
    The Isle of Dogs Cast Strikes a Pose With Rescue PupsThe cast posed with puppies you can actually adopt!
  4. christmas
    Have Yourself a ‘Puppy [Little] Christmas’Whereas the Puppy Bowl is for those less concerned with the Super Bowl, Puppy Christmas is for EVERYBODY. Because look at them!
  5. clickables
    Catch Some Behind-the-Scenes Puppy Bowl VII ActionPuppies!
  6. michael bay
    Michael Bay Briefly Offers $50,000 Reward for Puppy-Thrower’s ArrestMichael Bay to the rescue, sort of!
  7. puppies!!!!!!
    Meet Your Puppy Bowl Ref“Gracing the sidelines for the first time ever are bunny rabbit cheerleaders, and flying high above the stadium are hamsters flying a miniature blimp.”
  8. trailer mix
    Up Trailer: Pixar Gets Back in the Stuffed-Animal BusinessAfter movies about cars, rats, and waste-disposal robots, we suppose it’s nice to see one about an adorable puppy for once.