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  1. life after bond
    Bond or Not, Daniel Craig Is Setting Himself Up Nicely for the FutureIt’s no easy feat, but Craig seems to know what he’s doing.
  2. the industry
    Showtime Picks Up Daniel Craig Purity AdaptationShooting on the 20-episode series starts next year.
  3. How Jonathan Franzen Became America’s Leading Public MoralistOur foremost novelist as pundit.
  4. books
    Jonathan Franzen Wanted to Adopt an Iraqi OrphanPhew.
  5. Jonathan Franzen, Elena Ferrante, and 8 More of BookExpo’s Hottest GalleysFranzen! Ferrante! 
  6. 14 Nuggets From Jonathan Franzen’s Book Expo Q&ASo how “plotty” is Purity, anyway?
  7. books
    Jonathan Franzen’s Next Book Is Coming in 2015It’s called Purity.