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Quantum Leap

  1. rip
    Dean Stockwell, Quantum Leap and Paris, Texas Actor, Dead at 85The Emmy- and Oscar-nominated actor worked in film and television over eight decades.
  2. oh boy!
    Talking With Scott Bakula About Quantum Leap’s 30th Anniversary“If indeed we lived this way, of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, the planet would be a different place.”
  3. vulture lists
    All of the Ways TV Has Tackled Time Travel, From Doctor Who to OutlanderThe fourth dimension has fascinated TV creators for a half-century.
  4. last night on late night
    Colbert, Scott Bakula Try to Quantum Leap TrumpYuuuuge, if true.
  5. It’s That Drunken 100th Episode! Jon Gabrus! Series Finale of ‘Quantum […]On “It’s That Episode” Craig Rowin (Adult Swim’s Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, UCB Theatre) invites guests over to watch any episode of […]
  6. It’s That Episode: Weekend Update’s Josh Patten, Civil Rights & ‘Quantum […]On “It’s That Episode” Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They discuss the episode […]
  7. The Complete Guide to Everything: ‘Doctor Who’High concept experimental episode time! This week Tom spends 20 minutes trying to explain 50 years of Doctor Who lore to Tim, someone who does […]
  8. behind the scenes
    Willie Garson of Sex and the City and White Collar Tells 12 Odd Stories From 12 TV RolesLike that time Jimmy Smits broke his ribs on ‘NYPD Blue.’
  9. supercut
    ‘That’s Not My Face!’: A Montage of Body-Switching Reactions From Movies and TVSee the pretty girl in the mirror there … Wait. Who is that?