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  1. quarantuning
    Kehlani’s ‘Can I’ Quarantine Video Is an Ode to Black Sex WorkersShe explained on Twitter that she couldn’t remove the feature by Tory Lanez.
  2. my single is dropping
    Jaden Smith Gets Into the Quarantine Music Game With ‘Cabin Fever’Smith just dropped the music video.
  3. the most
    Charli XCX Releasing Doc About Her Quarantine Album As If She Hasn’t Done Enough6ft apart will follow the making of how i’m feeling now.
  4. quarantuning
    Kehlani Upgrades From the Backyard in Latest Quarantine Video for ‘Bad News’At this point, Kehlani’s name better be all over that VMA nominations list.
  5. quarantuning
    Watch These Livestreamed Concerts During Your Social DistancingDJ D-Nice, Miley Cyrus, Ben Gibbard, and a lot of Diplo.
  6. my album is dropping
    Ricky Martin Drops Surprise EP Pausa, Momentarily Quenches Our Summer ThirstHe hasn’t released an album since 2015’s A Quien Quiera Escuchar.
  7. quarantuning
    Carly Rae Jepsen Casually Mentions She Made ‘an Entire Quarantine Album’As if Dedicated Side B weren’t enough of a gift already.
  8. at-home concerts
    The Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Live From Karen O’s Closet!If you own a fog machine, the world is your sold-out venue.
  9. last night on late night
    Haim Debut New Song ‘Don’t Wanna’ From Separate Homes on The Late Late ShowAnd Este is losing it in quarantine.
  10. last night on late night
    Gorillaz, Both Animated and Not, Perform Together for the First TimeThe two sang “Aries” from their separate homes.
  11. worth it?
    Here’s What Happened at Arkansas’s Socially Distanced ConcertIncluding temperature checks, bathroom capacities, and an Audioslave cover.
  12. diplomacy
    Bruce Springsteen, Dropkick Murphys to Unite East Coast With Livestream ConcertComing to you from Fenway Park.
  13. quarantuning
    BTS Announces the Quarantine Livestream the Universe DemandsIf you can make it another month.
  14. bad bunny
    Bad Bunny Tried TikTok’s Abuela Challenge With His Mom and She Was Not Pleased“Safaera” isn’t quite safe for home.
  15. the diy queen
    Of Course Charli XCX Invented the Quarantine AlbumIf this is how we party now, pop’s reigning futurist is here for it.
  16. q&a
    Tory Lanez Is the New King of RaunchAs “Demon Time” has emerged as a kind of makeshift strip-club VIP room for Instagram, Quarantine Radio is sort of like its “Howard Stern Show.”
  17. my single is dropping
    Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande Team Up From a Distance in ‘Stuck With U’ VideoScooter Braun works wonders.
  18. quarantuning
    This Rapper Just Broke the Record for the World’s Longest FreestyleOver 24 hours in, Watsky’s run has been an absurdist stream of consciousness aided by coffee-table books, a Scrabble dictionary, and fan shoutouts.
  19. kellyoke
    Kelly Clarkson’s ‘You’ll Never Know’ Cover Will Make You Long for a Smoky BarPour yourself a martini and press play.
  20. quarantuning
    Musician Marc Rebillet Announces First Ever “Drive-in Concert Tour” in the U.S.A concert you can (and must) watch from your car.
  21. last night on late night
    5 Seconds of Summer Perform on Corden, Still Look Dreamy in QuarantineFeaturing Luke and Ashton in tank tops.
  22. quarantuning
    An Accurate Representation of Quarantine Brain in One Music Video645AR’s “Yoga” video looks like what watching the news off a tab of acid feels like.
  23. not safe for work from home
    Don’t Listen to JoJo’s Horny New Album If You’re Single in QuarantineOr do but only if all your … devices are charged.
  24. my demo is dropping
    Noel Gallagher and Thom Yorke Do Some Spring Cleaning, Dig Up Old DemosOasis released “Don’t Stop” and Yorke performed “Plasticine Figures” on Fallon.
  25. and all that jazz
    Catherine Zeta-Jones and Her Karaoke Machine Will Give You the Old Razzle-Dazzle“You may be wondering why I’m sitting on the floor in my bathrobe with flashing lights on my face.”
  26. quarantuning
    Which Moment in This New Kids on the Block Video Will Break You?Put this in the quarantine museum.
  27. quarantuning
    The Rolling Stones Have Arrived Right on TimeMick and Keith didn’t write “Living in a Ghost Town” about the current crisis, but astute poets can smell a bad time coming.
  28. quarantuning
    Rolling Stones Swear New Song ‘Living in a Ghost Town’ Isn’t About Quarantine“It was just one of those odd things.”
  29. it's high time
    Celebrate 4/20 at Home With These Livestreams and AlbumsSnoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Killer Mike are going live, and The Chronic hits streaming.
  30. quarantuning
    Kehlani Has Mastered the Art of the Quarantine Music Video“Everybody Business” is her second. Take notes.
  31. festive!
    Mariah Carey Spent Her Easter Sunday Celebrating the Power of Mariah Carey“It’s a special occasion/Jesus’ emancipation.”
  32. coronavirus
    Babyface Is Ready to Battle Teddy Riley, Now That He’s Recovered From COVID-19“I’m happy to report we have now tested negative and are on our way back to full health.”
  33. my single is dropping
    And on the Third Day, Charli XCX Dropped Her Quarantine Single“Forever” now has a music video, too.
  34. quarantuning
    Charli XCX, DIY Queen, Will Make and Release a Full Album in QuarantineCall it her King Lear.
  35. acm presents: our country
    Everything You Missed From the ACM Presents: Our Country SpecialFrom many fitting song choices to a stirring Kenny Rogers tribute.
  36. stay home and listen
    Bad Bunny Laments the Quarantine Life With New Song ‘En Casita’Sure, you can stay the night… in your own house, until the quarantine is over.
  37. quarantuning
    Celebrities Share Their Musical Gifts to Help You Get Through Self-QuarantineNow featuring 100 percent more Gloria Estefan.
  38. my acoustic singes are dropping
    Frank Ocean Drops ‘Dear April’ and ‘Cayendo’ on Streaming Platforms, As a GiftFrank Ocean singing mournfully in Spanish? Don’t mind if we do.
  39. my single is dropping
    Lindsay Lohan Is Crawling ‘Back to Me’ on New SingleNo “Xanax” to be found here.
  40. my album is dropping
    Fiona Apple and Her Dog Announce Fetch the Bolt Cutters Will Arrive This MonthFetch The Bolt Cutters arrives on April 17.
  41. quarantuning
    Patron Saint of Quarantine Dua Lipa Masters Zoom ConcertFor James Corden’s “Homefest” special.
  42. quarantuning
    Everything You Missed From Fox and iHeartRadio’s Big ‘Living Room Concert’Backstreet’s back (via five videos), Mariah made it look easy, and Elton John hosted the event.
  43. quarantuning
    Elton John Will Show You Many More Celebrity Living Rooms on Fox SpecialMariah Carey, Billie Eilish, and the Backstreet Boys will perform March 29.
  44. quarantuning
    Today’s Cry Is Brought to You by Ben Gibbard’s New Song, ‘Life in Quarantine’“No one is going anywhere soon.”
  45. bye corona!
    The Knack Finally Does the ‘My Sharona’ Parody You’ve Been Waiting ForGuess how they changed it.
  46. my quarantune is dropping
    Dua Lipa Is the Quarantine Queen With New Single ‘Break My Heart’“I want to stay at home, cuz I was doing better alone”
  47. vulture recommends
    Honestly? CVS Bangers Is a Necessary Salve in These Stupefying TimesThe sort of background noise from the outside world that we don’t realize we’ve missed until we don’t have much of an outside world to go to anymore.
  48. quarantuning
    The Internet Is Now the World’s Biggest Music FestivalOne of the rare pleasures this week has been watching DJs and singer-songwriters spring into action to help people fill up the hollow days and nights.
  49. quarantine inspo
    The Definitive Ranking of ‘She Used to Be Mine’ CoversWe’re messy, but we’re kind.
  50. quarantuning
    It Only Took Five TikToks to Make Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Savage’ Go ViralMegan Thee Stallion’s song is taking over, thanks to a TikTok dance challenge.
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