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Questionable Sequels

  1. questionable sequels
    Surprise! We’re Getting a Passion of the Christ SequelYou didn’t think Mel Gibson forgot about the Resurrection, did you?
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    A Men in Black Spinoff Will Make Contact in May 2019The as-yet untitled sequel is by Iron Man and Transformers: The Last Knight screenwriters Matt Holloway and Art Marcum.
  3. questionable sequels
    Ridley Scott Promises Us More Prometheus SequelsFour-metheus.
  4. questionable sequels
    FX Wants an American Psycho TV ShowWith Patrick Bateman taking on a protégé.
  5. questionable sequels
    Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Getting a SequelCan they can battle the vampire-slaying version of Abe Lincoln?
  6. questionable sequels
    Disney Making an Alice in Wonderland SequelThey’ve got a billion reasons to. (Dollars. The reasons are dollars.)
  7. questionable sequels
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Says That Twins Sequel Is HappeningAnd yet we wait in vain for a Kindergarten Cop follow-up.
  8. questionable sequels
    Project X Sequel Already in the WorksThat $21 million opening was enough to get things moving.
  9. questionable sequels
    Bruce Almighty Sequel Being Developed for Jim CarreyExcitement levels may vary depending on Morgan Freeman’s willingness to play God again.