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    Justin Timberlake Isn’t Making Music Because He Loves It Too Much“I don’t know that I can pump [albums] out every year.”
  2. quitters
    Phil Collins Is Done With MusicSad day, Philmaniacs.
  3. quitters
    Vulture’s Seven-Point Plan to Force Justin Timberlake Back Into MusicHe says he might quit for good. Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen!
  4. quitters
    Steve Carell Telling Everybody He’s Leaving The Office“I want to fulfill my contract. I think it’s a good time to move on.”
  5. quitters
    Kal Penn to Ditch Obama for Harold and Kumar 3-DPenn fans Sasha and Malia will be happy, anyway.
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    Paul Greengrass Officially Leaves BourneHe was very nice about it.
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    Greengrass Dumps BourneHow goes production on ‘Bourne 4’? Not so good!
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    Work-Loving T.R. Knight Quit Grey’s Anatomy Over Lack of Screen TimeWhile Katherine Heigl complains about seventeen-hour workdays, T.R. Knight says he left the show because he wasn’t being worked hard enough.
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    Sean Penn Sitting Out 2010?Defending Best Actor champion Sean Penn is claiming in private conversations that he’ll take all of next year off, attests Nikki Finke.
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    Viggo Quits Hollywood!“No more movies. I haven’t said yes to one in over a year.”
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    Breaking: Nicole Kidman Quits Too!Who’s the next actor to quit Hollywood? Nicole Kidman!
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    Who Will Quit Hollywood Next?Clint and Joaquin quit, and Angelina Jolie announces ‘I don’t plan to keep acting very long.’ Who’s next?