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  1. greta van zeppelin
    Okay Boomer, Is This a Led Zeppelin or Greta Van Fleet Lyric?They’re all horny for you, baby.
  2. overnights
    Quiz Finale Recap: The Court of Public OpinionWhether you think they’re guilty or not, it’s hard to reach the end of Quiz without feeling sympathy for the Ingrams.
  3. overnights
    Quiz Recap: DoublethinkIs Charles Ingram guilty of cheating or not? Why not both?
  4. overnights
    Quiz Premiere Recap: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?The miniseries kicks off with the roller-coaster origin story of a game-show phenomenon and the unlikely faction of fans looking to hack it.
  5. explainers
    Was Quiz’s Underground Cheating Syndicate Real?And if it was, did it scam Millionaire out of millions?
  6. tv review
    You Should Watch Quiz and That’s Our Final AnswerThe AMC series about the British Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? scandal is smart, entertaining, and just three hours long.
  7. explainers
    The Beguiling True Story Behind AMC’s QuizWhat really happened with the British Who Wants to Be a Milllionaire scandal?
  8. summer 2020
    The 20 Best and Biggest TV Shows to Watch This SummerDirty John: The Betty Broderick Story, The Good Lord Bird, I May Destroy You, and more worth seeing during the Great Indoor Summer.
  9. vulture quizzes
    How Well Do You Know Tiger King From We Bought a Zoo?Can you tell a Netflix true-crime docuseries from a 2011 movie about a family-owned zoo? Take this quiz to find out.
  10. vulture quizzes
    How Well Do You Know Cheer From Cheers?Can you distinguish between the addictive Netflix docuseries and the beloved legacy sitcom? Hopefully! But maybe take this quote quiz just to be sure.
  11. this! is! jeopardy!
    Can You Answer the Jeopardy! Clues James Holzhauer Couldn’t?Take this quiz to find out.
  12. quiz
    Does This Scene Appear in Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman, or Both?How similar are they? Find out in this handy quiz.
  13. vulture quiz
    Can You Tell Which Paul Rudd Is Older? (We Doubt It)Try to guess which photo he’s older in. You won’t get it right.
  14. quiz
    Quiz: Which Oscar Nominees Have Been in Superhero Movies?One day, we’ll all have appeared in one. For now, can you identify the stars from 2018’s best films who have comic-book entries on their IMDb pages?
  15. quiz
    Can You Match the Oscar Movie to the Celebrity Who Hosted Its Awards Screening?Who hosted a screening for Green Book? And which couple lent their support to If Beale Street Could Talk?
  16. quiz time
    Which Ex-Socialite Said This Out-of-Touch Quote: Alexis Rose or Tahani Al-Jamil?They have a lot of famous friends.
  17. quiz
    Can You Guess the Real Pilot ABC Ordered Based on a John Mayer Song?No, it’s not “Your Body Is a Wonderland.”
  18. quiz
    Quiz: Can You Guess the Beautiful Boy Music Cue?The new addiction drama features some of the most on-the-nose needle drops since Suicide Squad.
  19. vulture quiz
    Which TV Couple Said It: Philip and Elizabeth or Philip and Elizabeth?The Crown or The Americans?
  20. quiz
    Who Monologued It: Dolores From Westworld or June From The Handmaid’s Tale?It’s a lot harder than you might think.
  21. vulture quiz
    Quiz: Can You Tell These Very Similar Disgraced-Man Comeback Stories Apart?Who is “examining his blind spots,” and who is “testing the waters for a public comeback”?
  22. quiz
    Can You Guess the Rock Movie from the Rock’s Torso?It’s a lot of T-shirts.
  23. quiz
    How Well Do You Know Your Generic Network Dramas?What even is Instinct?
  24. tv
    Take Vulture’s Breaking Bad Superfan QuizTen years after Breaking Bad debuted, how well do you know Walter White’s story?
  25. quiz
    Can You Match Connie Britton’s Reaction With the Right 9-1-1 Call?9-1-1, what’s this emergency?
  26. age quiz
    Can You Tell Which Larry David Is Older? (We Doubt It)Larry David has not aged. Can you tell the difference between a photo of him from the present day and one from ten years ago?
  27. last night on late night
    Jon Stewart Quizzes Conan’s New York Knowledge With a Definitely Not-Rigged TestConan may have written both the questions and the answers to Stewart’s quiz.
  28. Will I Hate Mother!? A Serious QuizIs Mother! a good movie, or is watching it like actually dying?
  29. quiz
    Which Pretty Little Liars Character Said It? Take Our Quote QuizHanna or Spencer? Aria or Emily?
  30. Take Vulture’s Girls Superfan QuizHow well do you know Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna?
  31. quiz
    Which Girls Character Said It? Take Our Quote QuizGirls’ dialogue often gets to the heart of its characters’ delusions.
  32. vulture quiz
    Take Vulture’s Gilmore Girls Superfan QuizHow much do you know about Stars Hollow?
  33. quiz time
    Quiz: Which TV Ted Danson Said It?Dansonheads, unite!
  34. vulture quiz
    Did Zac Efron Take Off His Shirt in This Movie? At this rate we’ll one day be asking, “Did he put on a shirt in this movie?”
  35. quiz
    Can You Name That Shirtless Man?Can you tell one actor who hasn’t eaten a carbohydrate since the Bush administration from the other?
  36. week in culture quiz
    Vulture’s Week in Culture QuizWere you paying attention?
  37. mad men
    Take the Mad Men Superfan QuizTest how well you know your favorite show before it all comes to an end Sunday night.
  38. it’s science!
    What’s Your TV Personality Type? Take Our Myers-Briggs–Inspired TestAre you a DSUL? Or a CEMH?
  39. vulture quiz
    Taylor Swift or Dashboard Confessional Lyric? A QuizTwo of a kind. 
  40. vulture quiz
    Play the Second Edition of Our Game of Thrones Name-Spelling QuizTake two.
  41. quiz
    Will Smith Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Outfit or a Blanket? A QuizIs this a picture of something Will would’ve worn to impress the honeys or something you’d sleep under?
  42. vulture quiz
    Which One of These Things Has Not Won an Oscar?A quiz.
  43. vulture quiz
    Real Celebrity Birth Name or Fake Celebrity Hotel Name?Surprisingly difficult. 
  44. dead or alive?
    Quiz: Is This Walking Dead Character Dead or Alive?Can you remember who’s still with us and who’s not?
  45. love quiz
    Quiz: Has Gwyneth Paltrow Romanced This Co-star in Real Life?Co-star or more-star
  46. superfan quiz
    Take Our Parks & Recreation Superfan QuizThe show is ending, but your fandom lives on.
  47. vulture quiz
    Are You Fluent in Beyoncé? Take Vulture’s Beyoncé SAT ExamCheck your ego at the door.
  48. vulture quiz
    Can You Name the Tim Burton Movie Just by the Eyes?O_O
  49. vulture quiz
    Test Your Must-See-TV Knowledge by Taking the Friends SAT ExamDo you have what it takes to get into Vulture University?
  50. year in culture 2014
    Take Vulture’s 2014 in Pop Culture QuizHow closely did you really pay attention this year?
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