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  1. helloooo!
    No, Sadly, There Isn’t an NC-17 Cut of Mrs. DoubtfireBut there’s definitely an R-rated version, says director Chris Columbus.
  2. r rated
    Deadpool, a Bad Little Boy, Will Keep His R-Rating After Disney-Fox AcquisitionDisney CEO Bob Iger confirmed Deapool 2 can stay rated R.
  3. r rated
    Batman: The Killing Joke Really Will Be No Joke, Gets R-Rating“We encouraged producer Bruce Timm and our team at Warner Bros. Animation to remain faithful to the original story — regardless of the eventual MPAA rating.”
  4. the box office
    Deadpool Is Now Highest-Grossing R-Rated MovieYippee!
  5. marvel
    Disney Says It Won’t Make R-rated Marvel MoviesLanguage!
  6. good news
    Deadpool Officially Rated RBecause really, how many head shots are you allowed under a PG-13? 
  7. vulture lists
    10 R-Rated Movies You Snuck Into If You Were Born in the ’80sThe kids of today don’t know what it’s like to sneak into movies for grown-ups.
  8. swear words
    Draft Day Has Its R Rating OverturnedAnd lowered to PG-13.
  9. r rated
    Danny McBride’s Next Project: Adapting a Danish Raunchy-Canoe-Trip MovieAbout two guys going on a “Tour de Pussy.”
  10. r rated
    Weinstein Co. Officially Appealing Blue Valentine’s NC-17 RatingHarvey Weinstein makes a statement.
  11. science schmience
    R-Rated Movies Increase Underage DrinkingSupposedly.