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  1. star wars
    R2-D2 Was Sold at Auction for $2.76 MillionThey do know he can’t actually co-pilot an X-wing, right?
  2. r.i.p.
    Kenny Baker, Actor Behind Star Wars’ R2-D2, Dead at 81After a “long illness.”
  3. deaths
    Tony Dyson, the Man Who Made R2-D2, Passes Away at 68The British professor designed eight different versions.
  4. vulture quiz
    Can You Tell Which R2-D2 Is Older? (We Doubt It)May the Force be with you.
  5. heartwarming things
    Memorial Droid R2-KT to Appear in Force AwakensIn honor of the late Katie Johnson.
  6. star wars
    Check Out a Coffeemaker That Looks and Sounds Like R2-D2It’s … a little much, if you ask us. But we all take our coffee differently, so …
  7. tupac shakur
    See a Star Wars–Tupac Mash-UpIt was only a matter of time.