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  1. role call
    Sarah Jessica Parker Answers Every Question We Have About The Family Stone“You probably know the movie better than I do, I’ve only seen it once.”
  2. backstories
    How Game Night Broke Modern Comedy’s Rules to Win at the Box Office“What genre is it? Am I supposed to be laughing? Am I supposed to be … uneasy?”
  3. gallery
    The Faces of 2018 Tribeca Film FestivalSaoirse Ronan, Rachel McAdams, the cast of Westworld, and more.
  4. The Story Behind Disobedience, One of This Year’s Sexiest MoviesHow Sebastián Lelio, Rachel Weisz, and Rachel McAdams adapted Naomi Alderman’s novel — and crafted that mesmerizingly climactic sex scene.
  5. movie review
    Disobedience Is a Portrait of Lost Women Seeking ConnectionSebastián Lelio’s drama, starring Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams, isn’t packed with surprises, but that’s not why you go to a movie like this.
  6. Game Night Will Make You Wish Rachel McAdams Still Made ComediesThe Jason Bateman–starring comedy is better than it needs to be, thanks to sharp setups and a few great performances.
  7. Rachel McAdams, Rachel Weisz Are Hooking Up in the First Disobedience TrailerTwo women raised in an Orthodox Jewish community have a forbidden romance.
  8. Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Sharon Horgan, Chelsea Peretti, and More […]Last year, Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams signed on to star in a comedy together called Game Night, and today a new trailer for the film was […]
  9. trailer mix
    New Game Night Trailer: McAdams and Bateman Bond Over Trivia, MurderThe R-rated comedy will be out February 2.
  10. Rachel McAdams Tried to Go Undercover As an Orthodox Jew for Disobedience“It didn’t go so well.”
  11. Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams Have Incredible Sex In DisobedienceIn which one Rachel spits in the other’s mouth.
  12. Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams to Star in ‘Game Night’ ComedyJason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are starring in a movie together. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bateman and McAdams will star in a […]
  13. doctor strange
    Post–Doctor Strange Advice for Rachel McAdamsThe best lessons from Underutilized Marvel Love Interests who came before.
  14. casting couch
    Rachels McAdams and Weisz to Play Lovers in Drama DisobedienceSapphic romance is the almost-trend to watch.
  15. movie review
    Review: Spotlight ShinesThe reporters were real vampire-hunters.
  16. casting couch
    Rachel McAdams Officially Joins Marvel’s Doctor StrangeWatch out, pieces of wood.
  17. recommended viewing
    Slings and Arrows Is the Show Rachel McAdams (and All of Us) DeservedOh, Canada.
  18. trailer mix
    Spotlight Trailer Stars McAdams, Ruffalo, Keaton#Journalism.
  19. casting couch
    Rachel McAdams Is in Early Talks for Marvel’s Doctor Strange“It’s still super-early days.”
  20. movies
    Aloha Is a Dopey, Slightly Charming MessCameron Crowe’s Aloha is a delightful disaster — the kind of catastrophe that might also remind you why you loved a certain filmmaker in the first place.
  21. mean mugs
    True Detective Season 2’s Most True Detective–y FacesThese guys have been practicing!
  22. true detective season 2
    Here’s Where We Stand on True Detective Season 2 [Updated]It’s not just a meme!
  23. gratuitous nudity
    True D Will Finally Show Some ‘True D’ in ‘Colossal Orgy Sequence’HBO’s pervert executive strikes again!
  24. tv
    True Detective Adds Rachel McAdams, KitschWe can finally complete our #TrueDetectiveSeasonTwo Photoshops.
  25. the notebook
    Notebook Lovers Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams Hated Each Other at FirstGasp.
  26. first watch
    I Finally Watched The Notebook, and I Have Some ThoughtsOn the movie’s tenth anniversary.
  27. superfan quiz
    Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Notebook?Take our superfan quiz.
  28. trailer mix
    Watch Philip Seymour Hoffman in the A Most Wanted Man TrailerCo-starring Robin Wright, Willem Dafoe, Rachel McAdams, and Daniel Bruhl.
  29. trailer mix
    A Most Wanted Man Trailer: Like Homeland With a German AccentStarring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Wright, Willem Dafoe, and Rachel McAdams.
  30. public service announcements
    Warning: About Time Is Not a Rom-ComJust so you know.
  31. casting couch
    Rachel McAdams and Keanu Reeves to Fall in Space-LoveIn Passengers.
  32. voice acting
    Lots of A-Listers You Love Will Voice The Little Prince MovieIncluding James Franco, Jeff Bridges, and Marion Cotillard.
  33. trailer mix
    About Time Trailer: Rachel McAdams Is Still Dating Time-TravelersTime Traveler’s Wife + The Vow = this.
  34. casting couch
    McAdams to Join Stone and Cooper in Crowe FilmCute cast or cutest cast?
  35. splits
    Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen Broke Up, TooTough week for celebrity love.
  36. trailer park
    Watch the Trailer for Malick’s To the WonderBen Affleck is wordlessly in love with Rachel McAdams and Olga Kurylenko and nature.
  37. trailer mix
    Passion Trailer: Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace Get It OnMe-owww.
  38. movies
    Ben Affleck’s Terrence Malick Movie Has a TitleTo the Wonder. It’s the new l’chaim.
  39. casting couch
    Rachel McAdams Eyeing About Time LeadFrom rom-com behemoth Richard Curtis.
  40. clickables
    See Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace Share a Near-Kiss in PassionA semi-sapphic corporate espionage thriller from Brian De Palma? We’re in.
  41. Rachel McAdams, Noomi Rapace Into De Palma’s PassionThey’re joining Brian De Palma’s remake of the French film Love Crime.
  42. casting couch
    Noah Baumbach Won’t Direct The Emperor’s ChildrenBut at least Rachel McAdams joins up.
  43. clickables
    Watch Rachel McAdams React to Making the Jumbotron at a Hockey GameShe’s as excited as someone who has never appeared on camera before.
  44. trailer mix
    The Vow Trailer: Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum Go on 50 First DatesShe gets amnesia. He has to remind her of their love. Tears happen.
  45. clickables
    See the First Still From Terrence Malick’s Untitled Next MovieJavier Bardem and Olga Kurylenko are also involved.
  46. movies
    Did Terrence Malick’s Latest Film Involve Adultery and Wildly Expensive Power Bars?Potential details leak about the Ben Affleck–starring drama.
  47. romantic comedy
    A Breakdown of Morning Glory for Rom-Com PuristsHow does it stack up against other romantic comedies?
  48. movie review
    Morning Glory’s Cookie-Cutter CharmThe movie pokes fun at shallow, self-satisfied TV morning shows that are no less artificial than this chick flick.
  49. roundup
    How Much Better Is Rachel McAdams Than Morning Glory?’The Notebook’ star is getting glowing reviews. The movie, not so much.
  50. casting couch
    Jack Black, Renee Zellweger Cast in Matthew Weiner’s Feature-Film Debut’You Are Here,’ about two overgrown roommates.
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