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  1. stand-up
    Go Ahead, Post These Comedians’ Sets on InstagramIt’s common for A-list comics to lock up fans’ phones — but many up-and-comers see the benefits of being recorded.
  2. this week in web videos
    Join Rachel Sennott’s Baby Cult If You Dare“We’re just preparing for when our lives become exciting.”
  3. @Rachel_Sennott on Being Personal, Snarky, and Wanting to Be LikedRachel Sennott is a New York-based comedian, actor, and writer. She can be seen on HBO’s High Maintenance and in Shiva Baby, a film premiering […]
  4. What’s an ATM Mechanic? You’re in for a TreatThis is the last This Week in Web Videos column. Not forever, but for the year. I’m choosing not to feature a holiday-themed piece. Is that […]