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  1. president-elect donald trump
    Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip ‘Knew’ Donald Trump Would Win“We’ve been saying, like, ‘Hey, three-quarters of the country is fucking racist,’ and everybody’s like, ‘Oh no, it isn’t.’”
  2. last night on late night
    The Daily Show’s Ronny Chieng Blasts Fox News’ Racist Chinatown Segment“Why do you look like a guy who carries around a pack of roofies just in case?”
  3. Ronny Chieng Calls Fox News Reporter Jesse Watters an ‘Ignorant Sack of […]Fox News has been facing lots of well-deserved backlash this week since The O’Reilly Factor aired an extremely racist segment in Chinatown by […]
  4. blackface
    Jason Aldean Doesn’t Understand Why People Are Sensitive About BlackfaceFoot, meet mouth.
  5. Brett Eidman: The Comedy Enigma You’ve Never Heard OfBrett Eidman is successful. He’s got a nice house in the suburbs, a pristine Jeep Grand Cherokee, a family insurance business, and a wife and […]
  6. memes
    Ellen DeGeneres Responds to Accusations of Racism Over Usain Bolt Meme“I am highly aware of the racism that exists in our country.”
  7. racism
    Queen Latifah: ‘Racism Is Alive and Kicking’“We need to change this attitude.”
  8. Jessica Williams and Ronny Chieng Investigate Sexual Racism on ‘The Daily […]Here’s a new segment from The Daily Show featuring correspondents Jessica Williams and Ronny Chieng, who set out to investigate the idea of […]
  9. formation
    Beyoncé: ‘Formation’ Isn’t Anti-Police, Duh“Let’s be clear: I am against police brutality and injustice.”
  10. straight outta compton
    Compton Cut N.W.A. From Some Facebook TrailersNon-blacks and non-Hispanics saw trailers without any mention of N.W.A.
  11. oscars 2016
    Asian Kid Didn’t Know What Oscars Joke Would Be“I did wonder, ‘Why all Asians?’”
  12. oscars 2016
    There Was a Horribly Tone-Deaf Asian Joke at the OscarsWho okayed this?
  13. diversity
    Absurd Tales From Hollywood’s Diversity BattlesFrom the Times’ long look at Hollywood’s peculiar inclusionary efforts.
  14. #oscarssowhite
    Danny DeVito: The ‘Entire Country’ Is Racist, So of Course the Oscars Are, Too“Generally speaking, we’re a bunch of racists.”
  15. oscars 2016
    Rampling: Oscar Remarks Were ‘Misinterpreted’“Perhaps the black actors did not deserve to make the final list.”
  16. #oscarssowhite
    Ruffalo Supports Oscar Boycott But Will Attend“The entire American system is rife with a kind of white privileged racism that goes into our justice system.”
  17. racism
    Idris Elba Tells Parliament Just How Close the United Kingdom Came to Losing Him“Talent is everywhere, opportunity isn’t.”
  18. real talk
    Watch: Bowie Criticizes Racism at MTV in 1983“There seem to be a lot of black artists making very good videos that I’m surprised aren’t being used on MTV.”
  19. tina fey
    Tina Fey Is ‘Opting Out’ of Explaining Her Jokes“There’s a real culture of demanding apologies, and I’m opting out of that.”
  20. saturday night live
    Larry David Nabs $5000 for Heckling Donald TrumpDeport Racism may donate the money to Bernie Sanders.
  21. blackface
    Jason Aldean Wore Blackface as Lil’ Wayne on HalloweenHis reps confirm that is indeed the country superstar.
  22. tv
    Remember That Time Hollywood Was Racist? Aziz Ansari Does.Ansari dropped major truth bombs Saturday.
  23. videology
    Watch Usher and Nas’s Racially Charged New VideoThey’ve released the song and video for free on Tidal.
  24. know your enemies
    Take a Breath — the ‘Wildest Dreams’ Video Isn’t Racist — Now ExhaleKnow your enemies.
  25. hollywood sexism
    3 Charts Show Behind-the-Scenes Sexism in HollywoodWomen made up less than 2 percent of the directors of 2014’s highest-grossing films.
  26. shakeups
    WWE Tough Enough Will Continue Without Hulk HoganThe show will have a new judge when it airs on Tuesday.
  27. Adam Sandler Says Ridiculous Six Is a ‘Pro-Indian’ Movie“It was just a misunderstanding.”
  28. Adam Sandler Says the Racism Claims Against ‘Ridiculous Six’ Are ‘Just a […]Remember back in April when a dozen Native American actors walked off the set of Adam Sandler’s Netflix movie The Ridiculous Six over its […]
  29. zoe kravitz
    Kravitz: I Didn’t Get Batman Because I’m ‘Urban’The actress says she was denied a chance for a part in The Dark Knight Rises.
  30. utopia or bust
    Key & Peele Imagines a Wonderful, Magical World Without White PeopleWelcome to Negrotown.
  31. racism
    Native American Actors Exit Adam Sandler’s MovieThe actors found “repeated insults” in the film’s script.
  32. A Dozen Native American Actors Just Walked off the Set of Adam Sandler’s […]Adam Sandler is currently filming his Magnificent Seven parody Ridiculous 6, and according to Indian Country Today, around a dozen Native […]
  33. sony hack
    Selma Director Ava DuVernay Calls Sony Emails ‘Sickening and Sad’“That’s really all I have to say.”
  34. lawsuits
    Nicholas Sparks Is Being Sued for Racism, Anti-Semitism, and HomophobiaThe bigotry trio.
  35. shondaland
    3 NYT Editors Approved Rhimes Article [Updated]“The readers and commentators are correct to protest this story,” says public editor Margaret Sullivan.
  36. Director Justin Simien Explains Why His Movie Is Called ‘Dear White People’“We can talk about the myth of reverse racism all day, but I think ultimately I’m a black filmmaker making an independent black film. If I […]
  37. racism
    There Is Video of Justin Bieber Telling a Racist JokeGross.
  38. How ‘SNL’ Addressed Race in Season 39, as Shown in 11 SketchesWith SNL’s 39th season coming to a close, we’re taking a look at the past season with a series of posts examining the highs, lows, and other […]
  39. ‘Late Night’ Writer Amber Ruffin: Key and Peele Are ‘Destroying Black […]“Key and Peele have done more for black America than anyone would be willing to give them credit for. They forced the people who see black […]
  40. controversial tweets
    Colbert Report Asian Joke Inspires #CancelColbert on TwitterIt all started with a segment about the Redskins.
  41. beefs
    Ani DiFranco Plans, Cancels Plantation RetreatWith allies like these …
  42. it's miley!
    Miley Cyrus Just Playing a Character, She Says“We know we’re not racist, and I know I’m not putting down women.”
  43. SVU Will Combine Paula Deen, Trayvon Martin StoriesNewsy!
  44. Fox Ignores Pleas to Make ‘Dads’ Less RacistLast week, an Asian-American watchdog group called for Fox to reshoot offensive scenes in the pilot of its new Seth MacFarlane-produced sitcom, […]
  45. Asian-American Group Wants Seth MacFarlane’s New Show ‘Dads’ to Reshoot […]Seth MacFarlane’s new sitcom, Dads, hasn’t hit the airwaves yet, but it’s already experiencing trouble. Guy Aoki, founding president of […]
  46. racism
    Big Brother Contestants Insanely RacistAnd homophobic.
  47. Gallagher Said Racist Stuff on a Podcast AgainFruit-smashin’ comedian Gallagher is up to his racist antics again. Gallagher made his second podcast guest appearance that got heated after he […]
  48. The Lesson Michael Richards Learned from His Racist Tirade 6 Years Ago Has […] Jerry Seinfeld’s old costar Michael Richards was his guest on the season finale of his web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” this […]
  49. badvertising
    Yes, that Ashton Kutcher Ad Is Racist [UPDATE]But it’s a joke! And everyone knows jokes can’t be racist!
  50. Is This Ashton Kutcher Video Racist or Just Unfunny? Ashton Kutcher is doing a new campaign for PopChips in which he portrays different characters in a bunch of “dating videos.” One of them is […]
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