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Radha Mitchell

  1. casting couch
    Antoine Fuqua’s Olympus Has Fallen Adds Radha MitchellAs Gerard Butler’s wife.
  2. quote machine
    Joan Cusack Not Responsible for ‘War, Inc.’Plus: 3 Doors Down explain their songwriting secrets, and Demetri Martin smells something funny.
  3. the industry
    Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen Finally Make It to Broadway’[title of show]’ gets its happy ending, ‘Short Circuit’ gets revived, and the path for ‘Goonies II’ seems clear!
  4. the industry
    Scott Rudin to Make Movie Out of BookUp-and-coming playwright Liz Meriwether will write the screenplay for Rudolph Delson’s ‘Maynard & Jennica’.
  5. the industry
    Stephen Colbert to Spread Liberty WorldwidePlus: Industry news about Forest Whitaker and Queen Latifah!