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    R&B’s Future Sounds a Lot Like Its PastHow newcomers like Summer Walker and Ari Lennox look to R&B’s history to outline a new path for young black creatives.
  2. radio vulture
    How ‘Old Town Road’ Put Kids in ControlIs all-ages pop music back?
  3. song review
    Cardi B’s Album Intro, ‘Get Up 10’ Is Bronx Rap Poetry at Its FinestInvasion of Privacy opens with a blunt, brazen, and beautiful manifesto.
  4. radio vulture
    The Weeknd’s ‘Wasted Times’ Does Drake Better Than Drake CanHow long until the Weeknd replaces Drake entirely?
  5. Hug of Thunder Is Broken Social Scene’s Unexpected Protest AlbumAfter years away, Broken Social Scene have reunited for Hug of Thunder, a dense and often great album that features every single member.
  6. Review: Haim’s Something to Tell You Struggles to Break From Its InfluencesHaim’s sophomore release, Something to Tell You, is a strong album that tends to get bogged down by its influences.
  7. Review: The Business of Being Jay-Z Gets Complicated on 4:44Can Jay-Z still push the dial in mainstream hip-hop?
  8. Vince Staples Made a Hopeful Album, DJ Khaled Made a Hopeless OneIn Big Fish Theory, Vince Staples surprised with a hopeful album. In Grateful, DJ Khaled made a star-studded slog.
  9. Lorde’s Melodrama Satirizes and Exemplifies a Great Breakup RecordThe album is split between heartbroken displeasure and moments of clarity.
  10. Katy Perry’s Witness: Not a Total DisasterBut it’s not the major statement she promised us, either.
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    Why Justin Bieber Owes Some of His Career Resurgence to Chris Brown’s FailingsMuch of the material Bieber has released since 2014 sounds a lot like songs more suited for Chris Brown.
  12. Tool Headlining Governor’s Ball: Not As Weird As You’d ThinkIt was a calculated risk, but it paid off.
  13. Radiohead Overpromise a Little on ‘I Promise’They’ve just released a new outtake from OK Computer.
  14. radio vulture
    Amber Coffman on Her Debut Solo Album and Life After Dirty Projectors“I’m doing pretty good [now], but I wasn’t in the happiest place when I was working on the album.”
  15. radio vulture
    Dan Auerbach on the Art of Production, His New Solo LP, and the Black KeysThe Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach talks about his solo album, the art of production, and his band’s future.
  16. On Teenage Emotions, Lil Yachty Tries to Stay PositiveThe young rapper’s penchant for positive hooks and weightless production is on display
  17. Who Is Harry Styles, Really?With his self-titled solo debut, the former One Directioner gives a never-before-seen window into his personal life
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    Chris Stapleton’s From a Room: Volume 1 Is Proof That Country Is Doing Just FineSongs of hard drinking and sobering thinking abound.
  19. radio vulture
    Mary J. Blige’s Strength of a Woman Is an Often Great Album About DivorceStrength of a Woman’s bloodletting is actually graciously minimal, all things considered.
  20. radio vulture
    On Humanz, Gorillaz Face the Reality of Donald TrumpThe twisted future Gorillaz imagined pretty much came true.
  21. radio vulture
    What’s Going on With Frank Ocean’s New Songs?Frank’s old songs were neat stage plays about the emptiness of depravity, but the “Blonded” songs are more like cinéma vérité.
  22. radio vulture
    Album Review: Brad Paisley’s Love and War Is a Welcome Return to FormOn record, Brad Paisley makes a quiet life sound deeply rewarding.
  23. radio vulture
    Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. Is a Brilliant, Anxious Reflection of the WorldIt’s been two years since Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly, and we are not alright.
  24. radio vulture
    In Tenderheart, California Country Star Sam Outlaw Finds His CallingSam Outlaw’s Tenderheart is one of the year’s best country albums
  25. radio vulture
    Pearl Jam Might Not Be Cool, But That Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t GreatOften maligned by their peers, Pearl Jam is actually still a great band.
  26. The Chainsmokers’ Nostalgia for the Recent Past Is Not EnoughThis is music tailor-made for being sad about the recent past.
  27. radio vulture
    Indie-Rock Veterans Confront Grief and PainEverything is just really hard for everyone.
  28. radio vulture
    Jamiroquai and Nelly Furtado Navigate New Pop WatersWhat does it mean to be a veteran pop act in 2017?
  29. radio vulture
    Kendrick Didn’t Need to Diss Drake or Big Sean, But He Might’ve Done It AnywayHe’s not a rapper that needs to punk lesser MCs for laughs.
  30. radio vulture
    Maybe At the Drive-In Is Built to Last After AllThe new songs almost held their own against the old ones at Terminal 5.
  31. radio vulture
    Drake’s More Life Is His Best Release in YearsIt almost makes up for Views.
  32. radio vulture
    Rick Ross and Pitbull Get Older, Two Different WaysRick Ross does the better kind of getting old.
  33. radio vulture
    Concert Review: Kevin Abstract Re-creates the Inclusive Prom You Never HadIt felt like something was reclaimed. This ragtag band of friends of different sexual orientations and ethnicities is America, too.
  34. radio vulture
    Nicki Minaj’s New Tracks Are More Than Just a Response to Remy MaThey’re her first major singles since The Pinkprint, and a show of unity for the Young Money crew.
  35. radio vulture
    50 Song Memoir Is the Best Magnetic Fields Album in a Long TimeIt doesn’t quite top 69 Love Songs, but it’s close.
  36. radio vulture
    Ed Sheeran Hasn’t Learned Any New Tricks on DivideThere have always been three kinds of Ed Sheeran songs, and, well, there still are.
  37. radio vulture
    Lorde Plays It Safe With Her New Single ‘Green Light’The song is quality radio fare that’s perhaps too faithful to the style of its predecessors.
  38. radio vulture
    Dirty Projectors and Little Big Town Make Their Breakup AlbumsIf Dirty Projectors lashes out from the heartsickness of a bad split, the new Little Big Town album offers strength in the resolve to move past it.
  39. radio vulture
    Jidenna’s The Chief Is Smart, Fun, and All Over the PlaceIt’s a trip through rap, R&B, rock, reggae, and dancehall that feels like a function of an artist’s genuine widespread interests.
  40. radio vulture
    Katy Perry Is a Little Late to the ‘Purposeful Pop’ PartyKaty Perry just coined a name for something her peers have already been doing for a while now.
  41. radio vulture
    Rap Is Less Homophobic Than Ever, But It Has a Long Way to GoSome say we’re a more accepting community now, but I think we’ve been tricked by an illusion of progress we haven’t quite made yet.
  42. radio vulture
    The Grammys Got It Wrong, AgainBeyoncé gave us one of 2016’s most indelible cultural artifacts. But Adele is catnip for voters more musically conservative than the general public.
  43. super bowl li
    Lady Gaga Mixed Subversiveness With Her Hits During the Super Bowl Halftime ShowThe performance was a medley that appeared to stick to the hits while sprinkling in social commentary so subtle that conservatives failed to catch on.
  44. Sampha’s Haunting Album Process Is Grief Writ Large, and BeautifullyThe artist’s first solo record is haunted by realities of loss and mortality. There’s no neat resolution to the personal unrest coursing through it.
  45. Syd’s Fin Is More Than Just an Internet Side ProjectIt would be a shame for Fin to be remembered as a layover between the Internet albums, since it’s a whip-smart meld of ’90s R&B and ’10s trap sonics.
  46. radio vulture
    Migos Finds Its Purpose on Culture This is what rap sounds like now.
  47. radio vulture
    Gorillaz’s New Single Drops the Cartoon Act“Hallelujah Money” drops the Saturday-morning pep to deliver a poignant political message on inauguration’s eve.
  48. radio vulture
    The xx Embraces Modern Pop (Kind of) on I See YouI See You finds the xx communing with modern music rather than providing shelter from it as they have in their previous work.
  49. radio vulture
    Ed Sheeran’s New Tracks Are Stuck in 2015“Castle” and “Shape” seem to be playing catch-up.
  50. chat room
    El-P on Run the Jewels 3 and That Apocalypse He’s Been Warning Us About“I like the fact that me and Mike can kinda be assholes and also be good at the same time when we write these lyrics.”
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