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  1. movie review
    Rambo: Last Blood and the Limits of the Macho-Male FantasyNo, I don’t know why I had high hopes for Sylvester Stallone’s latest.
  2. vulture lists
    Every Rambo Movie, RankedHow does Rambo: Last Blood stack up in the franchise?
  3. cannes 2019
    Sylvester Stallone on That Time His Rocky IV Co-Star Nearly Killed HimStallone was in Cannes to present some footage from his upcoming sequel Rambo V: Last Blood.
  4. movies
    Sylvester Stallone To Take On Mexican Drug Cartel in Rambo 5We bet he’ll use guns.
  5. reboots
    Another Rambo Reboot Is in the WorksFrom Ariel Vromen.
  6. tv reboots
    Fox Is Developing a Rambo TV Show With StalloneIt’s a good week to be Sly Stallone.
  7. in development
    Rambo: The TV Show?It’s in development.
  8. the industry
    Bad Boys III Possibly Coming for YouPlus: Nicolas Cage! Jenna Bush! Tia and Tamera Mowry!
  9. the early-evening news
    Ironic Moviegoers Come Out in ForcePlus: The Pirate Bay gets charged!
  10. chat room
    Julie Benz of ‘Rambo’ Almost Gets Eaten by Bugs, Pigs, Sylvester Stallone“When I first arrived in Thailand I brought all these natural remedies like lavender oil and citronella to keep bugs away, and by halfway through filming I was totally doing the 100 percent DEET.”
  11. quote machine
    Lionsgate Proclaims ‘Rambo’ the Second ComingPlus quotes from Nick Nolte, Clay Aiken, and Shelby Lynne.
  12. trailer mix
    ‘Rambo’: So Ridiculous We Are Forced to Make Up a New Word to Describe ItThis time around, John Rambo isn’t winning Vietnam.
  13. the early-evening news
    Sylvester Stallone Actually Somewhat Intelligible on the TelephonePlus: News about Nas and Radiohead!