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  1. What’s the Flame Point of Data? Updating Fahrenheit 451 for the E-Book Era.Writer-director Ramin Bahrani on incorporating iPhones and Donald Trump into his HBO movie adaptation of the Ray Bradbury dystopian classic.
  2. the industry
    Ramin Bahrani to Adapt Fahrenheit 451 for HBONot the TV show Numbers, like numerals.
  3. trailer park
    At Any Price Trailer: Zac Efron Gets Outta His Farm and Into His CarDennis Quaid plays his dad. And their last name is Whipple.
  4. movies
    Werner Herzog Gives Voice to a Plastic Bag in Plastic BagA discarded plastic bag “ventures through the environmentally barren remains of America.”
  5. chat room
    Goodbye Solo Director Ramin Bahrani on Teaching Actors to Drive CabsBahrani raps with Vulture about the grueling preparation he puts his actors through.
  6. agenda
    ‘Chop Shop’: New York Neorealism in the Shadow of SheaThe ugliest part of Queens — Willets Point, or “The Iron Triangle” — never looked so stunning as it does in Ramin Bahrani’s neo–New York–realist film.
  7. you saw it here first
    Exclusive Preview: Ramin Bahrani’s ‘Chop Shop’Exclusive clips from the new film by the director of Man Push Cart.