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  1. style talk
    Grammar Guru Benjamin Dreyer Talks Twitter Style, Denounces ‘Onboarding’The author of Dreyer’s English is the E.B. White of our confusing era.
  2. mergers
    Book Publishers Random House and Penguin to MergeIn order to better handle the challenges caused by the rise of e-books.
  3. books
    Random House Finally ExhalesDan Brown’s desperately anticipated follow-up to ‘The Da Vinci Code’ will be released in September.
  4. Jane Friedman Is Due an ‘In Your Face’ Right About NowHarperCollins, the publishing monster from which she was fired as CEO last June, is really bumming.
  5. controversy
    Firebomb Attack Will Not Deter British Publisher’The Jewel of Medina’ isn’t going over well with Islamic extremists.
  6. apropos of nothing
    Jack Donaghy to Take the Reins at Random HouseWill Vintage editorial assistants be taught to repair Kindles?
  7. ranters and ravers
    Someone Forgot to Tell Janet Maslin That the ‘Times’ Loves Charles BockJust when we were getting all revved up with righteous indignation, guess who delivers a welcome blast of critical dismissal?
  8. the industry
    Michael Clarke Duncan to Beat the Crap Out of Some ComediansPlus: David Talbert, Usher, and Salman Rushdie!
  9. ranters and ravers
    Woody Allen’s New Book Is More ‘Scoop’ Than ‘Annie Hall’You rarely have to wait more than a year to see a new Woody Allen film, but Mere Anarchy is the comedian’s first prose collection since 1980’s Side Effects.
  10. the industry
    Prince to Give It Away in the U.K.Prince’s new album, Planet Earth, will be given away for free in British newspapers this summer, angering British music retailers, who had hoped to sell the album in exchange for British money, which is called “pounds” instead of “dollars.”
  11. the industry
    Gus Van Sant Drinks the ‘Kool-Aid’
  12. the industry
    Mel Brooks Assembles Monster Cast for ‘Young Frankenstein’
  13. the early word
    Book Expo GalleyWatch: Which Fall Books Got the Biggest Push?
  14. news reel
    BEA Buzz Books: Foreskins, Frank Lloyd Wright, and … Poetry?
  15. the industry
    Can ‘The Women’ Finally Make it to the Screen?
  16. the industry
    Hollywood Plans Sims Movie; Jean Baudrillard: ‘I Told You So’
  17. the industry
    Julia Roberts to Make Fresh Flowers the New Blood Diamonds?