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Ranters And Ravers

  1. ranters and ravers
    Armond White Will Now Have a Whole Magazine in Which to Tell You Why Your Favorite Movie SucksCongrats, Armond.
  2. ranters and ravers
    Vulture Critics’ Poll: The Complete BallotsFifty critics, 107 terrible movies!
  3. ranters and ravers
    Vulture Critics’ Poll: What’s the Worst Movie of 2010?The definitive survey of terribleness in film, with ballots and commentary from 50 of America’s most prominent critics.
  4. beef
    Secretariat Smackdown: Ebert vs. O’HehirIs ‘Secretariat’ a “work of creepy, half-hilarious master-race propaganda almost worthy of Leni Riefenstahl”?
  5. mad men
    Matthew Weiner Furious About Mad Men Spoiler He May Have Already SpoiledHe was “shocked — really shocked” by Alessandra Stanley’s spoiler-filled review.
  6. reception
    Is Inception the Anti-Avatar?Yes.
  7. reception
    1st Review: Inception Will Be Awesome, Confusing“Trusting the intelligence of the audience can cost Nolan at the box office.”
  8. tom cruise's face
    Critics Split on Cruise’s Face in Knight and Day“Each subpar quip delivered with a cocksure grin that makes you wish the bad guys were better at hitting back.”
  9. ranters and ravers
    Armond White: Sex and the City 2 Not As Good As Jay-Z“[’Sex and the City 2’] lacks the insightful love-hate ambivalence that emerges so crucially when Jay-Z’s hip-hop cynicism contrasts Keys’ soaring, unstoppable aspiration.”
  10. mad men
    Jon Hamm’s Only Bad Review Ever Not As Bad As Jon Hamm Remembers“I can viscerally remember Tom Shales’ review of the first season … “
  11. ranters and ravers
    Times Sends Poor Jeannette Catsoulis to Human CentipedeA.O. Scott and Manohla Dargis both wussed out.
  12. ranters and ravers
    Zacharek Out at SalonAfter eleven years at the site, film critic Stephanie Zacharek is leaving Salon, she announced in a farewell post tonight.
  13. ranters and ravers
    Early Date Night Reviews Suggest Missed OpportunityThe film “illustrates the current disparity between television and big-screen comedy,” ‘Hollywood Reporter’ says.
  14. ranters and ravers
    Miley Cyrus Savaged by Critics of The Last SongNo wonder they wouldn’t let her speak in the trailer!
  15. ranters and ravers
    ‘Scoundrel-Czar’ Responds to WhiteJ. Hoberman on Armond White: “Imagine if I had written something about him rather than making available something he wrote.”
  16. ranters and ravers
    Armond White’s Greenberg Review: As Epic As You’d HopedObviously you’ll want to read this whole thing, but here are some highlights.
  17. kudos
    Somebody From The Hurt Locker Probably Should Have Thanked Critics at the OscarsBigelow and Co. thanked everybody in their Oscar speeches except for, amazingly, the one group that proved most key in their awards-season success.
  18. ranters and ravers
    What’s the Worst Movie of 2009?With ballots and commentary from 43 critics, the Vulture Critics’ Poll is the definitive survey of crappiness in film.
  19. ranters and ravers
    Vulture’s Critics’ Poll: The Complete BallotsForty-three critics! One-hundred-and-seven movies! Find out who hated what and why.
  20. ranters and ravers
    Good News for Avatar: Armond White Hated It“The corniest movie ever made about the white man’s need to lose his identity and assuage racial, political, sexual and historical guilt.”
  21. ranters and ravers
    Manohla Dargis Has Some Choice Words for HollywoodNot even Paul Dergarabedian can escape her barbs.
  22. endorsements
    Can Letterman Help Brothers Out at the Oscars?Dave: “I don’t remember when I saw a movie that I was this impressed with … It’s the finest movie made in the last twelve, twenty years.”
  23. ranters and ravers
    Lovely Bones Not Murder-y or Rape-y Enough?’The Guardian’ thought it could’ve used more rape and murder.
  24. ranters and ravers
    2012 Receives Four Stars From Single Critic“‘2012’ is, pardon the expression, a revelation. It gets everything right.”
  25. ranters and ravers
    Armond White: Precious Worse Than Norbit“Not since ‘The Birth of a Nation’ has a mainstream movie demeaned the idea of black American life as much as ‘Precious.’”
  26. ranters and ravers
    Michael Bolton of Broadway Musicals IdentifiedCharles Isherwood: “Dare I suggest that ‘Memphis’ is the Michael Bolton of Broadway musicals? I do.”
  27. ranters and ravers
    One Last Way to Insult All About Steve?Say you’re a film critic, and you were unable to file your review of ‘All About Steve’ until today …
  28. ranters and ravers
    Halloween II and Final Destination Close the Summer of Film-Critic IrrelevanceWarner Bros. and the Weinsteins make a big mistake.
  29. ranters and ravers
    Roger Ebert Retracts Defense of ‘Troll’ Armond WhiteLast night, on his blog, Ebert posted a thoughtful defense of White. This morning he took it back.
  30. ranters and ravers
    Abbey Road ReconsideredThe two guys who reviewed the Beatles’ final album for ‘Rolling Stone’ have both changed their minds.
  31. how percussion works
    New Yorker Critic James Wood Books New Gig: ‘Guest Percussionist’On July 1, Wood will add “guest percussion” to a concert by author John Jeremiah Sullivan’s band, Fayaway.
  32. pixar
    Up Set to Break the TomatometerIt’s already earned spotless raves from both trades, Roger Ebert, and Richard Corliss.
  33. outrage
    NPR Censors Outrage Review, Sparks OutrageCiting some apparently bogus policy, NPR has removed the names of Larry Craig and Charlie Crist from Nathan Lee’s review of Kirby Dick’s documentary.
  34. ranters and ravers
    What’s Wrong With Bob Dylan’s New Album? The Last Song, ProbablyUnlike David Fricke, we’d have only docked him half a star for it.
  35. ranters and ravers
    Is Observe and Report’s Ending More Divisive Than Its Sex Scene?Lou Lumenick: “Is the ending a cop-out or welcome restraint? There will be debates about this.”
  36. ranters and ravers
    Charles Isherwood: ‘Seriously Guys, I Used to Have Really Cool Taste in Music’“I was an adolescent pop snob in the ‘80s, turning up my nose at the vulgarity of straight-up guitar-driven rock to seek out adventurers on the fringe.”
  37. ranters and ravers
    James Wood SpoofedColson Whitehead parodies ‘How Fiction Works’ in the new ‘Harper’s.’
  38. ranters and ravers
    Vulture’s Critics’ Poll: The Complete BallotsComplete ballots from all 57 critics participating in our poll, whether they knew it or not.
  39. ranters and ravers
    Vulture’s Critics’ Poll: What’s the Worst Movie of 2008?Vulture checks with 57 of America’s top critics to find out.
  40. ranters and ravers
    Is Manohla Dargis Lightening Up?It certainly seems like it!
  41. ranters and ravers
    Lou Lumenick Spoils Surprise Ending of Seven PoundsTo give away the film’s premise is to ruin its surprise ending, allegedly, and Lou just did.
  42. ranters and ravers
    Thin-Slicing Malcolm Gladwell’s CriticsEvery critic wants to be Malcolm Gladwell. We thin-slice his critics into the following categories: Prigs, Wannabes, Accountants, and Haters.
  43. ranters and ravers
    The ‘Times’ Public Editor Plays Theater CriticSince when is a critic obligated to frame his review in such a way that it’s unobjectionable to anti-gay interest groups?
  44. ranters and ravers
    Critics Agree: ‘Zach and Miri’ Money Shot Is Gross!’One memorable poop joke!’
  45. ranters and ravers
    John Sutherland Chickens Out, Will Not Eat His Copy of ‘The Enchantress of Florence’!Sutherland vowed to eat his copy of Rushdie’s novel if it didn’t win the Booker — and now he’s backing out!
  46. ranters and ravers
    Can America’s Film Critics Make Anna Faris a Star?Wait, is she really as good as Lucille Freaking Ball?
  47. ranters and ravers
    Ascetic Recluse Anthony Lane Had No Idea Tom Cruise Is in ‘Tropic Thunder’’I suspect that there will be gasps during the end credits.’ Wha?
  48. ranters and ravers
    (Some of) The Critics Love Tom Cruise in ‘Tropic Thunder’We’ve taken the liberty of preparing Tom Cruise’s For Your Consideration ad.
  49. ranters and ravers
    Can Horny Movie Critics Make Woody Allen’s ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ a Hit?If Andrew Sarris’s review is anything like we think it’ll be, this movie could crack $20 million at the box office!
  50. ranters and ravers
    ‘Step Brothers’ Review Makes Us Worried About Roger Ebert’Sometimes I think I am living in a nightmare.’
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