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Rape Culture

  1. Rape Accusations Against a UCB Performer Have Sparked an Ugly But […] Last weekend, Facebook filled up with posts by various comedians and writers in New York after news broke that both UCB theaters in the city […]
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    Debating How to Fight Festival Rape Culture With White Lung’s Mish Barber-Way“If you have the inclination in your brain to do that, then you’re a loser and a pile of shit.”
  3. Watch Nikki Glaser’s Excellent ‘Not Safe’ Segment on College Campus Rape […]Not Safe with Nikki Glaser has featured some consistently funny segments involving porn stars, vibrators, and Trump supporters, but during last […]
  4. George R. R. Martin Weighs in on the Rape Scene“The whole dynamic is different in the show.”
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    Yes, Of Course That Was Rape on Last Night’s Game of ThronesThis is a new low for the deeply violent series.
  6. Tonight’s ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Is About a Daniel Tosh-Esque Rape Joke […]Tonight’s new episode of TV drama Law & Order: SVU is taking place in the standup comedy world. Loosely inspired by that Daniel Tosh rape […]