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  1. $$$
    XXXTentacion Signed Massive Record Deal Prior to His Death$10 million, to be exact.
  2. alter egos
    Kevin Hart’s Rapper Alter Ego, Chocolate Droppa, Is Dropping an AlbumHart’s Chocolate Droppa has signed with Motown Records.
  3. election 2016
    Marco Rubio Is Waiting on Views From the 6, Just Like Everyone ElseDrizzy for president.
  4. roll clip!
    Watch Hannibal Buress Compare the Presidential Candidates to RappersClinton is to Diddy, as Bush is to Chet Hanks.
  5. supercut
    Supercut: Rappers Shouting Out Their Jewish LawyersMazel tov, Jewish lawyers.
  6. rap
    Watch a Supercut of Rappers Spelling Their Own NamesSh*t Rappers Say: their own names, spelled out.
  7. the muppets
    Watch Rappers Review The Muppets“Your man Walter was crazy.”
  8. music
    Look at Rappers Looking Like MagiciansSelf-explanatory. Take it away, Kanye!
  9. party lines
    Herbie Hancock: ‘Get Outta My Face’“If a guy can call himself 50 Cent, I’ll call myself Get Outta My Face.”
  10. economypocalypse
    Recession-Squeezed Rappers Wearing Cubic-Zirconia–Based BlingAlso, sales of grillz have fallen off by 60 percent.
  11. rappers
    Smoke With SnoopSnoop Dogg is broadcasting live on the Internet right now, playing Name That Tune with his Twitter followers while smoking a marijuana cigarette.
  12. rappers
    Ghostface to Release New Album in December, As He Does Every Year?Probably!
  13. rappers
    B-Real Outdoes ‘Pineapple Express’Say hello to the Lucky Chicken Foot.
  14. rappers
    Critics Rave Over 50 Cent’s Performance in ‘Righteous Kill’!’50 Cent overcompensates with raw menace for what he lacks in basic acting skill!’
  15. rappers
    At Last, Rappers Discover M.I.A.Apparently, in the past few weeks, all manner of rappers have been busy discovering M.I.A. How else to explain the sudden rash of “Paper Planes” samples?